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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Liner woes...

When I first became an amputee, I used a liner and suspension sleeve to keep the leg in place. To say that I hated the sleeve is an understatement. My family, friends and prosthetist can all testify to my endless complaints.

My main issue, besides the heat, was that the sleeve simply didn't stay in place. It would roll down my leg, often over the prosthetic. My wardrobe was limited to skirts, because I was always having to fix my leg. It was so common I thought nothing of just lifting up my skirt, regardless of the environment, and rolling the sleeve back up so my leg would stay on.

I must have complained enough, because when Ossur came out with the seal-in liner system, my prosthetist called me into the office to give it a try. With one step, I was hooked. No more suspension sleeve, no more bunching up behind the knee or rolling down and off my leg.

Since I became a mother, I now spend a lot of time playing on the floor. The seal in system is perfect for me, because I can literally just step into my leg and go. I have learned that the fewer steps involved in putting on my leg has a direct correlation to my chances of catching my toddler as he is running to get something that he shouldn't have, usually the ice cream.

Despite all of the attributes of the liner system, I do have a slight complaint. The top of the liner often rolls down to the top of the prosthetic. It isn't uncomfortable, and more importantly, it doesn't interfere with the suction. My issue is that the rolled liner sticks to clothes, making an odd crease in all of my pants, skirts and dresses.

I have come to the conclusion that prosthetic designers must be primarily men, or women with small thighs and devoid of curves. I still love the seal-in liner. For me, from a functional perspective, it has been ideal. My complain is admittedly cosmetic and related to my vanity. This Mother's Day weekend, I have given myself permission to complain.

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