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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mom's leg, a.k.a "The Crusher"

I was emptying the dishwasher this morning, singing a Wiggles song with Robby. He was "helping" me, meaning that he was handing me the dishes from the dishwasher, one at a time and with great purpose. He is in the pleasing stage, which is wonderful. I've discovered that it also means it will take me at least twice as long to get everyday tasks done because I am accommodating his help.

In any case, I was walking to the cabinet, with my one clean glass to put away, when it happened. With one step, I heard the unfortunate CRUNCH beneath my prosthetic. Before I even picked up my leg, I knew that yet another plastic toy was destined for the garbage.

As if instinctual, I directed Robby's attention to the poor unsuspecting cat who was unassumingly eating her food. He excitingly pranced over to harass her, allowing me the opportunity to see which toy was destroyed by the "leg crusher" this time.

I was lucky. Today, the casualty was a plastic car. Easy to replace, and it probably wasn't going to be missed. Last week I managed to kill a plastic dinosaur, a baby elephant, a few cars and numerous M&M's. And we're still trying to get over the trauma of Mommy crushing Thomas the Train last month!

Stepping on plastic treasures has become a frequent occurrence in my house. I can't feel the toy beneath my prosthetic, and the majority of the time I don't know that I'm stepping on one until I hear the familiar crunching sound. I've concluded crunching small toys is an unavoidable consequence of having a prosthetic leg. Trying to be optimistic, at least we continue to help the local toy economy.

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