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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Kitty Love...

Robby adores animals. It is a love we have tried to foster since infancy. His favorite animals are cats and goats.

Out of a sense of desperation to overcome his "pooping phobia," Scott and I made a bargain with our little guy. Sitting down with him, and looking him straight in the eyes, we struck a deal. Robby is a natural negotiator, but we stayed strong and rallied against getting him two baby goats. We did agree if he "lets the poopy come out of his bum" that we would get him a baby kitten.

We have been struggling with the obstinate colon of a three year old for four months. We have spent hundreds of dollars on creams, ointments, powders and assorted doctors visits. Finally, the combination of daily Miralax and the lure of kitten ownership has allowed us to conquer the fear of poop!

Robby could hardly wait to get his kitten. He talked about letting the kitten sleep in his room. We made a kitten bed and went shopping for kitten food and supplies. We spent hours looking at pictures of kittens available for adoption. With the colon cleaned out and everything "flowing" as it should, it was time for Scott and I to pay up.

I took Robby to the Humane Society to look at kittens because I adopted my cat Sophie from this shelter nearly 13 years ago. Wow, thirteen years. I'm getting old. I digress, I suppose that is the topic for another blog.

The Humane Society broke my heart. We were overwhelmed by the stench of urine and feces when we entered the establishment. The walls were dirty and animals were stacked in the hallway. We had to dodge pools of urine, vomit and fecal matter as we walked among the various "cat rooms."

Robby seemed oblivious to his surroundings as he was focused on finding "his kitty." I tried to steer him away from cats that needed to come in pairs, and those which were labeled as "child unfriendly." Finally, his decision was made. He had selected his kitty.

I filled out the necessary paperwork while Robby and his Nana played with the cat. We were expecting to take the cat home with us. Apparently the procedures have changed at the Humane Society since Sophie's adoption.

After the paperwork was reviewed, they asked to meet with my husband. I told them that Scott was in Virginia, but assured the receptionist that he was supportive of the adoption. While Robby was bonding and playing with the cat, I was told that it was the policy that all members of the family had to be present for the adoption.

I offered to call Scott so that they could speak with him. Surely this could be worked out. There were so many cats who needed homes and we have a wonderful home to offer. Robby has fallen in love with a cat. I was summarily dismissed. We were not going to be able to take the cat home.

I wasn't disappointed when I left the Humane Society. I was angry to be denied a cat adoption simply because my husband wasn't physically present. I should have lied on the form, stating that I was a single mother.

In any case, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. My mom remembered that her Uncle Charlie had been bottle feeding a group of kittens who were abandoned by their mother. We gave him a call, and he said that the kittens were ready to be adopted. We drove to his house.

Robby fell in love immediately with an orange male cat. Despite trying to divert his affections to other kittens who were visually more appealing to me, he persisted in his decision. He got his kitten.We have named the cat Charlie, after the Uncle who gave him to Robby. Robby loves his kitten. Charlie sleeps in his bed, and might be the most docile and gentle feline ever. Charlie allows Robby to pick him up and carry him throughout the house. They play ball and chase the string. Yes, Robby is as intrigued by the toys as is Charlie!

The Humane Society called after we brought Charlie home. Our request for a cat adoption was denied because we lived out of state. Apparently, the combination of not producing a husband for immediate inspection along with our distance made us unsuitable for cat ownership. "That's okay," I said. "We have Charlie now." I hung up the phone.

Charlie has quickly assimilated into his new home. He is still nocturnal, but that is slowly starting to change. The first few nights left me exhausted as the kitten wanted to explore and play. Robby was quick to correct my grumblings as I was chugging yet another cup of coffee to stay awake the following day. "Charlie is not a pain in the bum Momom. Charlie is my friend." And a very good friend at that.

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