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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taming the Beast

Robby had been sweet last week. He had been making progress with potty training and, although pooping remains an ongoing struggle, I have been starting to envision a future where I did not involve a constant stream of diapers. Robby was listening to us, and, for the first time in months, the time out corner has been vacant!

And then, Robby Rotten reared his evil little head.

I suppose the issues started Friday evening when he was less than behaved for his haircut. On Saturday, during the "bewitching hour" (the brief period before bedtime when Robby is tired but refuses to admit his fatigue by going to bed), he started to rough house. In retrospect I should have picked him up and immediately tucked him in, ignoring his pleas of the sun being up and his not being tired.

Hindsight is 20/20; my reality is another broken nose. Robby head-butted me. He didn't mean to hurt me, but he did. I saw his head wailing towards my poor little nose, and then I immediately felt the horrible black numbness that precedes the dizzying pain that accompanies being hit in the face. I knew I had been knocked out by a three year old.

My nose is slightly more crooked, and my eye is swollen and black and blue. Unfortunately this is not the first time my nose has been broken. I have had a total of four breaks, necessitating two surgical repairs. I'll wait a few days for the swelling to subside before deciding if I need to go to the doctor.

After a restless night of trying to keep the bag of frozen peas on my face to control the swelling, Scott and I were greeted at 3:30 AM by an excited little boy who came bouncing into our room. He remembered that the previous night we promised to take him to Nickelodeon StoryTime Live when he woke up. Well, he woke up and he was ready to go!

After several cups of coffee, a few hours of cartoons and some pancakes, we were ready to go into the "really big city" to see The Backyardigans and The WonderPets. Robby listened to and sang along with their songs as Scott and I navigated our way into DC to find the theater. We only got lost twice. We are getting better in the city!

Robby remained pleasant and excited up to and including the moment when the lights were dimmed and the show started. It was almost as if the singing of the actors summoned Robby Rotten. He became incorrigible.

He refused to stay in his seat and was completely disengaged from the show. He started his pleas to leave after the first 20 minutes. He was whiny and unappreciative. I was disappointed and deflated because I thought that I hit a mommy home run with the tickets, and he was less than interested.

After trying to contain him in his seat and keep him quiet, we finally gave up. We packed him up and left early. When asked about his favorite part of the show on the way home, it wasn't seeing his favorite characters or even the $15 color changing flashlight I bought him. No, his highlight was the Cheerio he found on the floor under his seat!

I am pretty sure that the only statements out of our mouths for the remainder of the weekend were "No," "Stop it," "Don't do that to Charlie Cat," "Get your finger out of your nose," and "Go to time out." Robby was in the time out corner so much that he actually asked for a chair because he was tired from standing.

A good nights sleep and a continual dose of ibuprofen for my nose has helped my mood. I feel quasi-refreshed and ready to continue taming my little beast. I have gotten over my disappointment from our theater experience. I recognize the Nickelodeon show as another good exposure for Robby. It was not only a learning experience for him, but also for Scott and I as well. We learned that we are not going to another theater will him until Robby is 18 and graduating from High School.

I am tired of being commanded, pushed, hit and ignored. The final straw came this morning. I gave him a verbal reminder to use his manners to ask for more milk instead of tossing his cup over his shoulder and saying "more milk." He slapped me on the rear and told me to "Buck up."

I anticipate that the next few days will be rough for both Robby and for me. I plan on usurping his dictatorship and regaining authority. I am going to win this battle; I'm not afraid of him. Okay, maybe I'm a little afraid. I still flinch every time he comes near me.

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