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Friday, July 16, 2010

Tying up Loose Ends...

It has occurred to me that I have left a lot of loose ends in some of my blog posts. I am frequently asked questions relating to some of my past entries. I am going to try to answer many of the frequently asked questions.

By far, I am most asked about my nephew Jacob. Jake was struck by a car on November 12, 2009. I wrote about the accident and was overwhelmed by the support we received. Ironically, this was the first time I experienced the true cruelty of message boards which I wrote about a few days later.

I am happy to report that Jake has made a complete recovery. He is a strong and healthy little boy. He loves playing with his trains and his puppy. As I predicted, my sister's emotional scars are far deeper than anything Jacob endured. She is doing well but is still haunted by the incident.

Since my 5K debute I have been asked if I am still running. Yes, I am still running. I have to admit that my training schedule is not nearly as strict, and the imposing heat kept me indoors as well. I am planning another 5K in the fall, and I will keep everybody posted.

I would also love to field a team for next year's Susan G. Komen Race. I think team Amputee Mommy has a nice ring to it. Anybody interested in participating is more than welcome. Please contact me if you're interested and we'll try to get it together.

I wrote about wanting to take self-defense classes. While I would still like to learn to defend myself and gain confidence, I have not been able to move forward towards achieving this goal. I researched the classes and, at this time, they are beyond our budget. I am hoping to sign up for classes this fall, but this will have to be determined.

This winter I wrote numerous posts concerning Robby's poop phobia. I wish I could report that he is now completely potty trained. I dream of being done with diapers, but I wake up to a stack next to my bed. We are making progress but he remains terrified of poop in general. He still tries to withhold and we frequently find him hiding in the corner trying to "keep the poopy in my bum." It is a work in progress. I am still holding out hope that we will be out of diapers by the time he graduates from college, but some days I'm not sure!

Do I still love my Skechers Shape Ups? Yes, and I heartily recommend them to all of my amputee friends. I am not sure if they make my bum smaller, but the rocker heel certainly aids the fluidity of my walking. I walk taller and more comfortably because of the heel and I have no plans on reverting to a traditional walking shoe.

During the past few weeks my blog has received a lot of attention because of the issues I encountered with TSA. I have been in touch with TSA officials about the incident and I am satisfied with the result. I am also pleased to report that ACA will be meeting with officials from TSA to work towards achieving a stardardized approach to amputee screening protocols. I am hopeful that an improved screening system will be implemented and I remain proud to have been a part of this movement.

You may have noticed that I am now censoring comments on my blog. I felt it necessary to begin moderating comments to combat the mean-spirited slurs which were posted against me and my family. I was brought to tears too many times over the hateful messages which were posted on my blog, and I decided to be proactive.

I have concluded that my blog is a dictatorship, not a democracy. I get final say over what is posted because it is, after all, my blog. Rest assured that the majority of comments are put through and I apologize for the extra step. I do love receiving the comments, so please don't be disswayed. As always, thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog!

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  1. Keep writing Peggy. I am thrilled to hear updates all the time. I am so thankful about the recovery of Jacob. I will say it again to your sister, don't worry about opinions of those whom just want to hurt you. I will pray for your recovery as well.
    As for the trolls that just want to hurt you? I am shocked and saddened by that response. I guess it should not be shocking but it is. I still just want everyone to get along and be friends. That is what my parents instilled in me. However not everyone was so lucky to have my parents!