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Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Did I Start?

While I have enjoyed having my running/activity leg, I venture to say that Robby likes it more. He loves that Mommy can now run, jump and skip with him. After years of hearing that "Mommy can't run" he ecstatically cheers, "Mommy can run" every chance he gets.

While I still wear my Proprio most of the day, the time spent in my Mod III activity leg has been increasing. Robby encourages me to wear the leg, even carrying it to me while pleading, "Please Momom my Queen. Put on your running leg." (I'm not sure why he has started calling me "Momom my Queen" but I'm not trying to stop it.) Even at four, he knows that I need a separate prosthetic to run with him.

Since I've started jogging, Robby has been eager to join me. From running to the mailbox to short sprints around the house, everything has become a race. I am now hearing, "On your mark, get set, Run Momom Run" in my dreams.

To make matters worse, Robby cheats during our races. His legs may be smaller but he ducks and weaves around me like a scared chicken. He has even tossed toys and black bear behind him to create obstacles in my path. On the rare occasion that I actually win the race, he insists on a rematch. His energy seems boundless whereas mine is in limited supply.

I thought that the novelty of running with me would have worn off, but it has seemed to increase over time. Today, as we were doing yet another round of sprints through the Buzz Lightyear sprinkler in the driveway, I found myself missing the times when Robby and I could just walk. I try to get him to slow down, but he merely takes it as opportunity to reset his position for another race.

I haven't had a chance to go for my evening jog for the past several weeks. It has just been too hot to do much outside. I don't feel guilty though because I know I've been running just as much around our house, through the aisles of the grocery store, and up and down our stairs. I am now trying to remember why I wanted to start jogging in the first place.

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