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Thursday, October 07, 2010

OH vs. PA

My husband has a slew of wonderful attributes. Being a good sport is not one of them. His unsportsmanlike demeanor is especially prominent whenever an Ohio (his home state) team plays a Pennsylvania team (my home state).

Luckily for me (insert sarcastic eye roll and audible sigh) the Philadelphia Phillies are playing the Cincinnati Reds. I haven't lived in Pennsylvania for 14 years, but that seems to be irrelevant. Scott also disregards the fact that I have been rooting for the Washington Nationals since the team came to town, a team that seems to epitomize the losing streak.

When an Ohio team plays a Pennsylvania team, I am berated with snide remarks and sneers of disdain for the days preceding the event. I have come to despise when a team from Pennsylvania wins. I am then subjected to weeks of the annoying greeting of, "Congratulations to you. All hail, Pennsylvania" instead of merely saying hi when I call.

If you watched the game you already know that the Phillies won. In fact, the pitcher threw a no hitter, which is impressive regardless of your team allegiance. The game was on at our house, and I watched most of it. My viewing was only sporadically interrupted by an angry Reds fan standing up and gesturing with his finger followed by an odd humping motion towards the television on two occasions.

It should be a fun week in this house. The best of seven is going to feel like an eternity. I am already preparing myself for the moping, lamenting and cursing against all things Pennsylvania. I don't know, I think tonight I'll make some Philly cheese steaks for dinner...


  1. Don't worry too much Peggy. It is only a 5 game series, first to win three advances, and I suspect that we will all be saying Hail Pennsylvania, at least until the Phillies play my NY Yankees!

  2. Five games is better than seven! Of course, hockey season starts soon... and I get to look forward to my favorite day of the year (Ohio State playing Penn State)
    I don't get you men sometimes when it comes to sports!