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Monday, November 29, 2010

I Want a Nanny

Another successful Thanksgiving is in the books. All of the stores and malls are decked out with colorful tinsel and lights and just like the Christmas sales, my post-Thanksgiving cold has arrived with a vengeance.

Everything, including walking, seems more laborious when I am fighting a cold. My prosthetic feels heavy and awkward. Pulling on my liner and stepping into my socket simply annoyed and frustrated me this morning. Perhaps it is the effects of the DayQuil, but I am acutely aware of my amputation today.

I'm not so ill that I need to stay in bed all day, which is a good thing because being a Mom means that sick days are few and far between. Unfortunately, I feel drained, and every movement feels like a monumental effort. I wish I could just lie on the couch and watch trashy talk shows all day. I'm fairly certain that Robby has a different agenda.

I am hoping that my little cherub will cooperate and that Robby Rotten will stay away. Armed with glitter, paper and glue he should be content crafting ornaments and "art" for the day. I am sure that I will be cursing this decision, but right now the prospect of my sitting still is enticing.

Luckily I am prepared for "Mommy sick days." In anticipation of crafting, and zealous to save money by buying in bulk, I ordered several pounds of glitter when I was pregnant with Robby. Several days later very large, albeit light, boxes were delivered. In case you are wondering, glitter is extremely light but a pound takes up a considerable amount of room.

I have no doubt that soon my dining room will be covered with little sparkly metallic bits of glitter which will be impossible to clean and will probably be sticking to our clothes until Easter. Robby will be covered with glue and paint. He'll be easier to clean than Charlie Cat, whom I fear will be "decorated" with glitter glue and stickers if I doze off. It is days like this I wish I had a nanny so that I could take a nap!

Hopefully I will be able to rest today, and I will feel better tomorrow. Robby loves using the art supplies, so I think he will be busy and happy to stay inside. Until I feel better, I'm going to try not to stress about the mess that is being created. I'm just going to view the glitter deposited over every surface as a jump start on my holiday decorating. With over 3 pounds of glitter, we will certainly be sparkly!

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