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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Horizons

This has been my first trip to New York City in nearly 15 years. It is hard to believe that it has been that long, and I was immediately struck by how much younger the residents seem. As much as I fight it, I suspect that I am just older.

Exploring cities is not as much fun as it was in my youth. I am more cautious now, aware of potential dangers. When I was younger I would think nothing of walking around Time Square at midnight. Last night my hand was cramped from clutching the cell phone as I tried to make it back to my room before dark.

Part of my anxiety stemmed from my sense of vulnerability. Since I lost my leg I feel as if I have become an ideal target for crime. I can't run as fast, and, if I fall, it takes me longer to stand up. If I were a criminal, I would choose me. I despise and resent feeling weak!

Yesterday was spent shuffling between meetings throughout the city. I recounted my story to various outlets, varying the focus depending upon the audience. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I am still trying to process.

I was nervous but tried to exude confidence to the best of my ability. (I do know that I looked assured in my new outfit.) I spoke with the reporters as if I were talking to a friend. When questions were posed, I answered them as if I were talking with somebody who reads this blog or with a novice amputee. I didn't say or do anything offensive, so I'm considering the meetings a success.

I did realize that I have come a long way since I was injured in 1998. I don't think that I really took stock of my accomplishments until I was forced to recount them. During those meetings it occurred to me that I am a lot stronger than I credit myself.

I have gone from feeling apprehensive to feeling strong within 24 hours. This has certainly been a roller coaster. That being said, I'm loving this ride.

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  1. Be careful on the subway. They close exits for no reason and without warning.