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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cutting Room Floor

Surely the final version of the show was completed by Tuesday morning. Why then, on Tuesday afternoon at 2:13 did I receive an email from somebody involved in the production asking me if I was excited to see myself on TV? I was reminded to ask my friends to watch and told, yet again, how I did such a good job and contributed to the show.

On the heels of that email, I spread the word for all of my friends and family to tune in for the "big premiere." My confidence that my segment would be shown never wavered. After all, I received the email indicating that my footage was included, and my clip has been on their website for a month! I believed them--all the way to the end of the show when the credits began to scroll.

I feel humiliated. I feel that, through no fault of my own, I let my family and my friends down. I hate disappointing others. I believed that I was being told the truth only to be disappointed. I feel like I was played for a fool. Yet again, I was misled and I am frustrated.

I am tired of salespeople promising me what they think I want to hear, only never to deliver. I'm tired of waiting for packages in the mail that have been promised during a conversation only to be forced to concede to myself that I fell for yet another empty pledge. I'm tired of waiting for return phone calls or emails. It seems that few people actually honor their word anymore.

Instead of an outgoing message explaining how my call is important and will be returned, I would prefer honesty. How about, "We don't think that you are important enough for us to speak with right now. You can leave a message, but we probably won't bother to call you back. However, we will call you when we need something."

I remain confused as to why I received the email on Tuesday afternoon. The cynic in me now believes that it was simply an attempt to gain more viewership. The optimist in me wants to believe that it was simply a misunderstanding. The truth is probably somewhere in between and will always remain a mystery.

Yesterday I tried to put the incident out of my mind. I blew bubbles with Robby and cleaned my bathrooms. Despite my efforts, I continued to feel deflated and humiliated. I was misled, yet I unintentionally misled my friends and family. I feel bad, but I'm ready to put Tuesday behind me. After all, I have to get ready to give my speech and to "Strut My Stuff" on Saturday!

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