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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Do I....

Recently I have been contacted by several new amputees who have become "friends" with me on Facebook. I enjoy being available to answer questions and support. In many ways it makes me feel useful in ways other than doing laundry, cooking and reading countless primer books.

Many new amputees are concerned about how to care for their liner. I wash mine daily with mild soap, but I avoid soaps that are heavily perfumed, although I have become more lax with time. I've realized that, more important than the soap that I utilize is the amount of water that used. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove the residue completely.

I was hyper vigilant about keeping my liner squeaky clean when I was a new amputee. In my typical overzealous fashion, I even put it in the washing machine- with Tide detergent. That was a big mistake! My leg quickly became covered with bumps and painful welts because the strong detergent failed to completely rinse away, and it took three more washings, with just water, to render the liner usable again. Although I still occasionally throw the liner into the washing machine, I never use detergent!

When I had my first prosthetic fitting I was both discouraged and disgusted to learn that I should avoid shaving my limb because shaving opens the limb up to a variety of potential dangers, ranging from nicks and cuts to ingrown hairs. I begrudgingly heeded my prosthetists advice and I have not shaved my stump. However, I was pleased to discover that much of the hair falls off as a result of wearing a liner and prosthetic. (If removing the hair is still a priority, I have met a lot of amputees who have successfully undergone laser hair removal on their limbs.)

Sweating in my liner used to be an embarrassing issue for me. During hot weather, or after working out, I used to remove my liner several times a day and literally pour out copious amounts of sweat. When the weather is forecast to be hot, or if I know that I will be exercising, I spray my limb thoroughly with antiperspirant. I found that spraying three full coats, and allowing each application to thoroughly dry, has thwarted the unsightly and uncomfortable issue.

I have found that Certain-Dri works best for me, although I have heard other amputees prefer Secret Platinum. I tend to avoid deodorant configurations in order to keep reaction potential to a minimum. However, I suspect that application, rather than product, has more impact on the success.

Much of what I have learned has been through trial and error. I realize that no amputee has all of the answers, and what works for one person may not work for somebody else. I am simply providing my experiences, and hoping to help.

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