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Friday, May 27, 2011

Luncheon Time

I have been bummed out the past few days about the issues surrounding my residual limb. Walking and standing have been uncomfortable, verging on painful as the day wears on. I have been reminded that I'm reliant upon a prosthetic with each gingerly placed step. I don't need a reminder, especially when it hurts!

Yesterday, I had to put my prosthetic and limb woes out of my mind as I got busy working. With an imposing To Do list, I anticipated spending the entire day toiling in the kitchen. My prediction was correct. I started working at 7:30 am and didn't finish until nearly 8:00 pm.

Scott's annual graduation luncheon is today. He started this event 6 years ago as a way of rewarding his students for successfully completing their internship program and to celebrate the graduation of his seniors. Over the years the luncheon has become a tradition and it has taken on a life of its own.

Scott is the transition teacher at the high school. He works with special education students to develop work skills and experiences. He matches each student with a business in the community that matches their interests and goals, and the students work at their jobs everyday. Scott monitors their progress, visiting the various work sites to teach applicable job skills and to thwart any issues. He also teaches several classes related to job skills, with topics ranging from how to complete a job application to how to tie a slipknot tie.

Socio-economic issues (he teaches in an urban school) impact the type of celebration graduates of his program receive. I suspect that most don't receive a lot of revelry when they graduate because they have earned a special education instead of a standard high school diploma. I am not sure of all of the reasons, but I do know that for the majority of these young graduates, our luncheon is the only special acknowledgment and celebration they will receive for this occasion. We strive to make it special because they deserve nothing less.

Yesterday, I made six batches of fresh pasta. (If you have never had homemade pasta, the taste cannot be compared to boxed noodles. Unfortunately, it is also laborious.) Thankfully I have a fantastic kitchen helper. Robby turned the crank on my pasta machine as we worked for hours. It turns out that he likes to make pasta!

After the noodles were cut and packed away, we turned our attention to making yeast rolls. We made 90 rolls. We only have 80 take to the luncheon-- it also turns out that Robby likes yeast rolls!

While the roll dough was rising, we baked four batches of brownies and a large pound cake. We made one gallon of spaghetti sauce and a gallon of Alfredo sauce, all from scratch. I was grateful that I made the breaded chicken strips and baked meatballs on Wednesday because I don't think I could have done anymore cooking yesterday.

I went to bed last night exhausted but satisfied with the amount of work we finished. My leg was sore and my bone spur/bursa felt like it was burning. I have no doubt that I will be in more pain today because of the amount of strain I inflicted upon my already hurt stump.

I haven't gotten out of bed yet, but I've already taken Advil. I don't have time to let the pain slow me down. Today, I get to co-host a graduation luncheon. I love seeing his students, and Robby adores going to Daddy's work. It is going to be a good day, despite the leg pain that I'm feeling.

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