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Monday, September 12, 2011

Ready or Not...

I can't believe that this morning I'll be packing Robby's backpack and driving him to school although I've been struggling with this transition for months. Robby is excited to start this new adventure. I know that he's prepared, and that he'll even thrive with the structure and socialization. Despite knowing that the program is ideal, this change is hard for me.

I've been on the verge of tears for the past week. Careful not to cry in front of Robby, I suspect he senses my apprehension. Last night he hugged me and told me, "Don't worry about school Momom. I'm just going to go for a little while. I'll play and have a snack, but I will always come home. We will always be best buddies." Do you think I'll be able to hold him to that promise when he is 18?

I still want to stop Robby from growing up so fast. I've toyed with the idea of switching his diet to cigarettes and beer in an attempt to stunt his growth, but I don't think I'd be able to get Scott on board with the idea. I am left with no choice but to let him grow up and try to savor every moment!

Wish us both luck with Kindergarten this morning. Robby, I'm sure, will have no problem separating from me. Mr. Bill has offered to go to the school to pry my arms away from Robby's ankles should I have trouble letting him go. I don't think that will be necessary, but I do think that there will be some tears shed in the car on the way home.

Stay tuned for pictures later today.

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  1. I've been away from your blog for about a week now. Isn't it amazing how quickly things can change. Sick, well, angel, devil, patient, and grown up. All in a week or so. (I would have loved to see the scene at Kohl's):)

    I'll give you a little hint...don't put the tissues too far away, you will also need them when he goes off to college. Oh, and when he gets married, oh, and when he moves away. Gosh, it never ends, I don't care how old they get.