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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Hate Kindergarten!!

Robby had his first visit to the school nurse on Monday. After complaining to his teacher of a sore throat, hurt tummy and "farting ears," they took his temperature. It turns out that he had a fever of 102.3.

I picked him up from school and immediately called his pediatrician. Thankfully, his doctor was able to fit him into her schedule. Robby's strep test was positive (again) and both of his ears were infected (again)! This is his third bout with both ailments in seven weeks. Add his double pneumonia from 10 days ago and we have had our fill of illnesses!

I am putting the blame for the seemingly infinite number of infections on Kindergarten. Robby was rarely sick before he started school. The fact that he had gone through the first five years of his life without an ear infection I carried as a badge of honor. He was a healthy and happy little boy.

We have been fighting coughs, ear infections, vomiting and boogie invasions since the first week of school. I've begun to dread his finishing an antibiotic cycle because it simply signals that another illness will be visiting soon. At this rate, his memories of Kindergarten are going to be set in his pediatrician's office or from waiting in line at the pharmacy.

Robby is now on another antibiotic and is already rebounding. I debated whether or not he should go to school today, but I have opted to send him. His class is carving pumpkins for Halloween. I know that he would be devastated if he missed this fun activity, and I want him to have at least one fun memory from his Kindergarten year!

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