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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Welcome Home Erin!

Yesterday was a special day in our little neighborhood. Our neighbor's daughter, Erin, finally came home after serving as a physician in Afghanistan for the past six months. We have all worried about Erin and have been anxiously awaiting her safe return.

During Erin's deployment her parents took custody of her beloved bulldog, Reese. Robby, of course, was thrilled that a puppy moved next door. In reality Reese is not a puppy and is not terribly energetic, both facts apparently being inconsequential to an animal loving five year old. He told Erin that he would help take care of Reese, and he took his responsibility seriously!

Robby and Reese have spent hours wandering between our two yards throughout the summer. Determined to teach the lethargic canine a trick, Robby was delighted when he finally "taught" Reese to run. This was achieved only through Robby keeping a bacon flavored dog treat in his pocket and running in front of Reese. (She stopped running as soon as she received the treat.)

While the whole neighborhood was eager to welcome Erin home, Robby was especially excited. He asked if we could put out balloons and make a sign. If nothing else, my son loves a party!

Five rolls of red, blue and yellow crepe paper ribbon were carefully strewn among the trees and fences on our street. It took him nearly 90 minutes, but our neighbor's yard, Mr. Bill's fence, and the mailboxes were appropriately decorated. It looked festive and patriotic, at least everything below four feet--the height of his vertical reach!

Erin came home yesterday, and it wasn't long before we were all standing in the driveway to say hello. Unfortunately Robby wasn't able to welcome her home. He was in bed, sick from a recurrent double ear infection and strep throat. I don't know which made him sadder, being sick or not being able to see Erin!

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