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Monday, November 07, 2011

San Antonio

I am home from a successful trip to San Antonio. The weather was delightful and, to my surprise, I actually had the opportunity to leave the confines of my hotel to enjoy the local attractions. Contrary to the results of most of my business trips, I came home feeling both relaxed and refreshed!

I was able to spend Thursday evening walking along RiverWalk and enjoying a scrumptious dinner with some colleagues. I retreated back to my hotel room early where I cuddled in bed to enjoy free reign with the remote control. Strange how being able to watch the television programs of my choosing has become a treat!

Friday morning I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Bulow BioTech Prosthetic's newest office. Getting ready for the event, I noticed that my pants were a tad tight. I figure that either the fabric shrunk in the dryer or my bum grew from the Halloween candy. Personally, I'm blaming the dryer!

Five minutes before I was expected to leave, I decided to stretch the pants out a little. Even as I was doing it I knew that it wasn't a good idea. I really should learn to listen to my instincts! Almost on cue I heard a heart stopping ripping sound. I had managed to rip a 6 inch slash in seat of the only pants I packed. I began to panic.

I frantically searched my suitcase, hoping that I had packed something else. Of course it was this trip that I decided to pack only what I needed! My only options consisted of a pair of shorts or my Hello Kitty flannel pajama bottoms. I ironed the shorts, although I probably would have been more comfortable in the flannel pajamas.

After the ribbon cutting, the rest of Friday was spent playing tourist. I visited the Alamo and meandered through local shops. It isn't often that I get to shop without the company of my chatty five year old. I shouldn't admit this, but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Donning the same shorts, Saturday morning was spent greeting participants at the Diabetes Walk for a Cure. I am always terrified speaking to crowds and Saturday was no exception. Feigning confidence and channeling thoughts of my best friend whose son has just been diagnosed with diabetes got me through without passing out or throwing up. I don't think I'll ever get over my nerves regardless of how many times I speak in front of people.

I then joined the thousands of walkers who were participating in the 5K. I have to admit that I was impressed with my ability to keep up with the pace of my fellow walkers. I had visions of me crossing the finish line long after the celebration had ended and the tents had been packed up!

There was a time, not so long ago, where walking in a 5K felt like an insurmountable feat. I was delighted and felt proud of myself when I finished. Instead of feeling exhaustion, I felt like I had just gone for a walk in the park with some friends.

Perhaps my favorite part of the trip occurred on Saturday evening. Upon seeing me across the terminal, Robby broke into a full sprint to reach me. He jumped into my arms, nearly knocking me over, and proceeded to cover me with kisses. He gave me a bouquet of flowers and happily skipped out of the airport holding my hand. Although it is nice to get away and exercise my professional skills, it is always wonderful to come home!

*Oh, in case you have been curious about Friday's daycare schedule. Scott sent me a text at about 11:00 on Friday, informing me that he had submitted his leave form for the afternoon. He reached Robby's school before the dreaded nap time, rescuing him from having to sleep on the floor (which would have been a cot). The boys spent the afternoon at Chick-Fil-A and the park.

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