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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


On any given weekend, Scott can spend hours playing video games. I have never embraced computer games which is why it was ironic that I was the one who shopped for our Wii. I was utterly convinced that the Wii, along with the Wii Fit program, was the answer to my fitness conundrum. I quickly realized that I'm not a gamer and that I didn't enjoy using the console. The balance board (the integral part of the Wii fit program) has been stowed under my bed for the past 18 months.

We've tried to introduce Robby to the Wii, but our attempts only ended in frustration tantrums. He never seemed interested and, except for the Just Dance programs that he enjoyed with me, seemed to be indifferent. The console was quickly becoming an expensive dust-collector/ paperweight.

I was surprised, and admittedly skeptical, when Scott bought Robby a Wii game for Christmas. I was prepared for the game to sit on a pile, unused by Robby because of his Wii aversion. I don't know if it is a few months maturity or because we finally found a good game, but Scott hit a home run with this gift!

Robby now counts down the hours until Scott comes home from work so that they can play Ray-Man Origins on the Wii. The two boys can spend hours playing together as they try to make it through a fantasy world which I don't understand. Belly laughter and shouts of "go over there... pop my bubble" echo through the living room every afternoon. The pair even invented a little dance that they perform whenever they move to the next level.

Although I have been encouraged to learn how to play this game, I have declined. This activity is best for the two of them. Right now he accepts the "Momom doesn't know how to do this. You'll have to wait for Daddy" rationale. The truth is, I don't like video games, and I have no interest in learning this one!

Although I am not a gamer, I have learned to appreciate their enthusiasm. With Robby and Scott playing every afternoon, I find myself with the luxury of an hour by myself. I'm beginning to fall back in love with our Wii!

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