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Friday, January 13, 2012

Special Memories

In addition to receiving the highly coveted archery set, Robby also opened a variety of science themed gifts on Christmas. His teachers encouraged us to consider chemistry and laboratory kits to cater to his aptitude for science. I'm so glad that we heeded their advice; Robby has embraced his new "science tools and treasures."

Nearly every afternoon Robby pushes his learning tower over to the kitchen counter, retrieves a science kit from the pile of toys that still haven't been put away, and eagerly begins his "scientist work." I'm not allowed to participate, but he does permit me to read the directions to him. We have worked our way through three of his laboratory kits already!

The microscope, sent to him by his Candy Papaw, has quickly become a prized item by Robby. He loves looking at the slides and has spent countless hours making his own "specials" (I think he means to say specimen but he can't pronounce the word correctly). A few nights ago he prepared slides to examine butter, egg whites and the water from the cat fountain under the microscope.

Robby jumped on the break in the both the cold temperatures and rain to obtain additional "specials" samples. He has been begging to go down to the stream to obtain samples of water, mud, and assorted muck for examination. Since the weather was no longer a valid excuse, we switched out his cowboy boots for his froggy boots and headed down to the stream.

After filling an empty bottle with stream water, Robby began to chat about what he was going to see under the microscope. "Momom, it's a mystery and Scientist Robby is here to solve it. I'm going to look at this water for memories." I was a tad confused until he explained his rationale. Per Robby logic, the water holds clues about its past; therefore, he is looking at the "water memory."

He had a great time splashing and playing in the stream as he searched for samples and was covered in wet, cold mud by the time we came inside. Who would have thought that being a scientist would be so dirty!

After a quick bath Scientist Robby got straight to work, preparing his water slides for examination. Scott came home just as Robby was looking through the eye piece. When asked about what he was doing, without pausing or looking up Robby said, "Just looking at special memories, Daddy." A truer sentiment could not have been uttered...

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  1. Sweet post, Peggy. Robby is such a treasure...when will he become a rocket scientist??