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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Turning Around a Bad Day...

Every once in awhile, a rainy day is nice. Yesterday was not one of those days. The combination of the cold temperatures and constant downpour created a perfect storm for limb pain. Of course, the fact that my socket is still not perfect did not help the situation! When my stump hurts, it makes even the simplest task laborious and difficult.

I began my day by donning my prosthetic. I put it on and removed it three separate times in my attempt to achieve a comfortable fit. I wasn't successful. My limb felt squished and sore. As I hobbled to the kitchen to get my first cup of coffee, I quickly abandoned all illusions of completing any housework. I resigned myself to a day of prosthetic misery and pain.

It was pouring down rain when I picked Robby up from school. He was bursting with energy and jumping in puddles on the way to our car. Between my pain and his pent up energy, I knew it was going to be a long day! Driving out of the parking lot I was struck with a moment of inspiration; I turned the car around and drove straight to Jumping Jimmy's.

On my way to the inflatable utopia, I called to invite Robby's friend Nick. Nick's mom is studying to be a nurse and has been inundated with schoolwork. I was hopeful that the two boys could bounce and play into exhausted bliss, while she and I would be afforded some quiet time to work in the lounge.

Robby was delighted when Nick joined him to bounce and play. The two boys ran and played throughout the afternoon, only talking to us when they wanted water or a snack. Because he had a playmate, I wasn't even asked to bounce with him!

Although we both brought our laptops, we did not get any work done. Instead we spent the afternoon sipping coffee, talking and swapping stories. Although I would have liked to have knocked at least something off of my to do list, it was nice to just sit and chat with a friend. I realized that it has been a long time since I have allowed myself the luxury of time for fostering my own friendships.

Robby and Nick bounced and played for almost three hours. I was grateful for the time off my leg while still being able to score "World's Best Momom" points with Robby. As a bonus, I managed to turn a lousy and painful day into a wonderfully relaxing and fun afternoon!

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful afternoon. I also met someone to talk to in our community. ive met several people so far, now that i'm out walking skippy several times a day, but Dolores is the one who is most intriguing to me. I think she,s in her 80,s and had some wisdom to share about being happy. she makes it sound easy! she also talked about caring for her husband in his last years and his death six years ago. she is truly resolved about her loss and described his last few days. It was fascinating to me and she said that very few people are interested in talking about those things. I'm looking forward to sitting down with her again one of these days. Hope you are having a 'good leg" day today.