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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not Romantically Inclined

Happy Valentine's Day! According to the no fewer than 18 emails I received this morning, it is not too late to send flowers to your sweetheart. Personally, I have a love/ hate relationship with this holiday. I love any day that celebrates love, flowers, chocolates, and cake. I hate that my husband boycotts celebrating this day.

When we began dating, Scott was extremely vocal about his hatred of all things Valentine related. Of course, being newly in love, I didn't fully believe that he could have such a cynical and crotchety view. After all, how could somebody detest a day devoted to chocolate and sweets. Our first February 14th together, I toiled in the kitchen preparing a love filled dinner of all of Scott's favorite foods. I outdid myself by making a heart shaped chocolate pie for dessert. I changed into a sexy dress and waited for Scott to arrive.

To my frustration Scott showed up for dinner 45 minutes late. Mumbling "Happy Valentine's Day" he handed me a bag from 7-11 holding a few Cadbury Creme Eggs and a bag of jelly beans. He offered a half-hazard explanation of "They were out of the heart shaped crap." Offering slightly off color ideas about what he could do with his Easter candy began what has become an annual tradition--the Valentine's Day Fight.

This is our 11th Valentine's Day together and, according to Scott, each one has been painful. I have given up any hope of romantic gestures and of being swept off my feet on Valentine's Day. He surprises me throughout the year, but refuses to participate when doting is mandated by Hallmark and society expectations. I am no longer disappointed because he has squashed all expectations.

Unfortunately, I think that Robby may have inherited his Daddy's Valentine's Day philosophy. The other day he declared that "There is NO WAY I am ever going to let some little flying archer man wearing a diaper shoot me in the bum with an arrow." Maybe I need to click on one of those emails I received and send myself flowers today.

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