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Friday, February 17, 2012

Weather Pain

These weather fluctuations are wreaking havoc on my poor aging body. Robby and I can play happily outside in 50 degree weather one day and wake up the next morning to temperatures in the low teens and blustery winds. This has been one of the most unpredictable--and painful--winters since I have become an amputee.

The past few days we have been experiencing cold and steady rainfall. My body would fair better if the precipitation that was falling was of the fluffy white variety. Although it makes navigating the roads trickier, snow doesn't cause the nagging phantom pain that I feel during these dreary rainy days.

I have resigned myself to "bad leg days" until the weather shifts. Now it is no longer a question of if I will be uncomfortable. I know that I probably won't be completely pain free until a new weather stream blows into our area, and I am not a happy camper!

My leg, which typically fits well, has been providing variable degrees of comfort. Instead of slipping into a prosthetic in the morning based on my anticipated activities, I now try each one on to see which feels less uncomfortable. I realize that my limp is more pronounced during the past few days, the result of a less than perfect prosthetic fit, but I really don't care. At this point, I'm just happy to be mobile and hoping to make it through the day until the weather changes.

My leg hurts, my hips are sore, my back aches and my shoulder is constantly enveloped with a dull ache. I'm only 21 (that's what I told Robby and I'm sticking with it) yet I feel like I'm in my late 60's. I keep telling my self that the sun will come out tomorrow, but the cliche is of little comfort. Right now I need a steady supply of Ibuprofen, a heating pad and a massage. I suspect I'll have to settle for two out of the three for right now.

Hopefully the weather will change and I'll return to my normal, happy, pain-free self. In the meantime, I'm going to complain. Have I mentioned that sometimes being an amputee stinks?

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