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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

He Needs Surgery... :(

Yesterday the weather was forecast to be utterly gorgeous, and I was excited about spending the day working in the yard and playing with Robby. I was looking forward to a day of warm temperatures and sunshine. Unfortunately, my little guy's immune system had a different idea.

Although Robby is still on antibiotics from his most recent bout with strep, he woke up sweaty, with a fever, and complaining of a sore throat. I took one look at his tonsils and knew that he was sick--again. I didn't know it was possible to come down with an infection recurrence while being treated for the initial ailment.

Confused, I called Robby's pediatrician to explain the situation. She listened to the details and indicated that Robby might have a throat abscess. An appointment was scheduled with a specialist later in the morning to confirm the diagnosis.

It turns out that the pediatrician's hunch was correct; Robby has a throat abscess. In essence, he has a strep and puss filled blister growing on his tonsil. His recurrent infection will not go away without removing the infectious balloon. My heart sank when he was scheduled for surgery.

We have tried to be upfront with Robby about the procedure, but have been cautious about not scaring him with too many details. He knows that he has a small balloon growing on his tonsil that is full of bad germs. The doctors are going to go and pop the balloon, so the germs come out and the army (his medicine) can kill them. This morning I'll figure out a way to let him know that he will be asleep during the procedure.

Today I'll pack him up and drive him to the surgical center. I am glad that I'll be with him when he is dozing off for the surgery. You can bet I will do my best to be the first face he sees when he wakes up!

I realize that in the realm of childhood medical issues, this is minuscule. Despite knowing that it is a minor surgery, it's hard when it will be my little boy on the gurney. I have no doubt that he'll recovery quickly and be back to his old mischievous self in no time. Until then, I'll be smothering him with a lot of extra cuddle time, milkshakes and ice cream-- all doctor's orders.

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