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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Robby's Procedure

Robby had his surgery yesterday and I have to brag for a moment--I really do have a brave little boy. He walked into the hospital to meet the doctors, went through with the examination without complaint, and allowed a throat culture with only a little cough. I was much more nervous than he, of course I knew what was coming and he was blissfully unaware.

To my delight the surgeon felt that the abscess was "ripe," indicating that it would be easy to drain. Because he was well-behaved and still, the surgeon was able to do the procedure without anesthesia. Robby gagged once and let out a little yelp when the abscess was punctured. A little numbing spray, a Popsicle and two stickers later we were allowed to go home.

By the time he was strapped into his booster seat, Robby was yapping about wanting an ice cream cone from McDonald's. "Remember Momom, the doctor that stuck that knife down my throat said that ice cream will help me feel better. You want me to feel better, right?" I couldn't argue with his logic! We both got an ice cream cone to celebrate his first successful surgical procedure. I wasn't the least bit surprised when Scott was a little late coming home because he had to go to Best Buy to pick up a coveted DS game for the brave little patient.

By evening the numbing gel was wearing off, and Robby was starting to hurt. A dose of ibuprofen and a milkshake served out of a SpongeBob cup made him feel a lot better. Of course, cuddling with Daddy and watching a Scooby Doo marathon held great medicinal value. It took him awhile to become comfortable and for the pain to wane, but Robby finally drifted off to sleep. We didn't want to risk waking him, so I was relegated to the race car bed again while Robby slept in my bed with his Daddy.

So far this week has certainly not turned out as I expected. The sun has been shining, the skies have been a crisp blue, and the temperatures have been unseasonably warm. Instead of being outside playing, we've been housebound by Robby's throat issues. I'm hoping that he wakes up feeling better so that we can venture outside. So far, the only way I know that it is spring is by my allergies!

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