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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not My Proudest Mommy Moment...

Robby loves going to the birthday parties which is good because he seems to be invited to a lot of them! This past weekend Robby hopped into the car and we drove to Jumping Jimmy's, which apparently is the place du jour for Kindergartners to have their celebrations. He was looking forward to hopping with his friends and, of course, enjoying a slice of cake. After all, he is definitely his mom's son!

We arrived at the inflatable Mecca only to realize that the party count was going to be low. I suspect that the time (6:30 to 8:45 pm) influenced a lot of parents' decision not to attend. Regardless of not having a lot of playmates to choose from, Robby quickly began running around and hopping. I took a seat and began to read a book.

After about 20 minutes Robby came running up to me with a school chum in tow. "Momom, Jake won't play with me anymore. He told me to just go away." I hugged my sweaty little guy and asked his friend, "Jake, you don't want to play with Robby anymore? I thought you two were friends." Jake replied, "No, I don't want him to play with me. I don't want to be friends with him."

I was surprised at the brazen response of this little boy. In an attempt to soothe Robby's sore feelings, I tried to find the right words to comfort him. "It's okay Robby. You don't want to play with him anyways. Remember, he eats his boogies."

As soon as those words came out of my mouth, I heard an audible huff coming from the woman in the chair next to me. She picked up her purse, magazine and soda, and proceeded to move to the other side of the lounge, but not before saying, "Why, I never."

D'oh! At least I know who Jake's mom is now!

Robby seemed satisfied with the explanation and quickly joined another group of friends. I spent the remainder of the party avoiding the scowls from the boogie eater's mom. I also scolded myself for not holding my tongue. I really need to do a better job, especially in public and around Roby. I was delighted when it was finally time to enter the party room, signaling the near end of the party.

After singing Happy Birthday, devouring his cake, collecting his goodie bag, and kissing the birthday girl's mom goodbye, Robby was ready to leave. He was a sweaty, tired, sticky mess. I was fairly sure that he was going to fall asleep on the way home.

I entered a line of SUV's leaving the parking lot. As we were creeping forward, the red sedan behind us began angrily honking its horn. I couldn't see the driver and had no idea why they were honking. Robby decided to take matters into his own hands. "It's okay Momom. I've got this." Before I knew it, he rolled down his window and screamed, "Don't beep at us bit#@!" Yikes- that was certainly not my best Mommy moment.

I talked with Robby about his language, explaining that he should not repeat everything he hears. Apparently Scott and I both need to do a better job of watching our language around Robby! I begrudgingly admit that we have become lax about cursing and need to do a better job of using more child friendly expressions.

Monday morning was hectic and, because of the time change, we were running late for school. I whipped into the parking lot about 10 minutes after 9, fully aware that Robby was missing part of circle time. I tried to hurry him into the school when we walked passed Jake's mom leaving the building. Her ice cold expression let me know that she was still upset by the "boogie eater" remark.

I saw her walk to her car through the classroom window. I went flush when I realized that she drives a red sedan. I guess that is one birthday party Robby won't be invited to...

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