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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fitness Update

It's been a few weeks since I have written an update about my quest for physical fitness. I find that holding myself accountable through this blog has helped me maintain focus. It certainly has not been an easy journey to shed the pounds. It has not been nearly as much fun as eating the cupcakes and treats that put on the weight!

I have been working out now for nearly three months. I left my first gym, but true to my promise I never actually quit. My incident with the tracker jackers sidelined my work-outs for a week, the gym refused to credit me the sessions that I missed, and my contract expired. Considering how unhappy I was with the facility, the trainers, and my progress, it should not have come as a surprise to them when I declined another contract.

The facility I left was considered a "designer gym." There were private work-out suites and the only other person in the room was the trainer. It was the epitome of personalized training. Unfortunately, my trainers refused to personalize any of the routines to fit my unique needs. I was never able to establish trust with them making it nearly impossible for me to feel comfortable. I felt an inordinate amount of pressure to succeed because I knew the financial investment was great.

My new gym is on the opposite end of the upscale spectrum. I have joined Planet Fitness which is basically a large room filled with a variety of machines. In spite of the imposing equipment, I never felt intimidated as it is touted to be the "No Judgment Zone." As if it couldn't get better, they give out pizza, bagels and tootsie rolls! This gym is definitely more my speed.

Planet Fitness offers free personalized training which I have utilized several times although I typically use the circuit at the back of the facility. It's fashioned similar to a Curves Gym where each exercise is timed for one minute and 30 seconds. Cues are provided to switch stations and prepare for the next machine. The circuit provides a full body work-out in 30 minutes.

I have been enjoying the circuit so much that I have begun to do it twice, turning me into a toned fat-burning machine. Yesterday a man came up to me at the gym and told me that I was a "nice little piece of tight a$$."   Instead of chastising him for the sexist comment, I simply smiled and replied, "It's not tight yet, but I'm working on it. Thanks for noticing." It's been a long time since I've been hit on!

I've been working out without the fancy trainer for almost three weeks. I've already lost weight, and I can tell a difference in my body shape. I have learned to push myself to the point of muscle fatigue but not so far that I am in true pain. I've realized that I know my body best, and that I'm able to push myself without causing injury. I never thought I would feel this way about working out, but I really like my new gym!

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