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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Revenge... Courtesy of Mr. Bill

Yesterday, as Scott was pulling off  the Interstate and making the final turns towards our house, we congratulated each other on another successful trip. We also admitted that we were fully saturated by the abundance of "together" time that the last week afforded us and that we both desperately needed some "alone" time. When it comes to family vacations, too much of a good thing can, indeed, be a bad thing!

The first indication that our fuses were running short occurred early in the morning. Scott turned on the television before 7:00, despite the fact that both Robby and I were sleeping. Already sleep deprived, I was not pleased to have my slumber interrupted so rudely. I let my displeasure known which in turn put him on the defense as well as souring his mood.

The morning was not off to a good start! Knowing that we had at least another four hours of driving ahead of us, I offered an olive branch (after drinking my morning coffee) and apologized. To be clear, I merely made that gesture as a peace offering and contend that the television should have remained at least muted while his family was sleeping!  I decided to apologize in the hopes of creating unity during the long drive home, all the while plotting my wake-up revenge in the coming days.

Turning onto our street, we were travel weary but elated to finally be home. We were talking about relaxing in separate rooms and were looking forward to decompressing from the trip. We have been nearly inseparable for a week and were getting on our last nerves. We pulled into our driveway to discover Mr. Bill's truck, and I immediately began to giggle.

Mr. Bill was working on our pool and as soon as he saw us, Scott was solicited to help. I offered to help, but, being rather old-fashioned, Mr. Bill refused. Instead I was delegated to sitting in my rocker and quietly sipping on my drink while watching Scott dig post holes under Mr. Bill's supervision. In this situation, revenge was a dish best enjoyed in my backyard, with a refreshing glass of iced tea!

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