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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation Fatigue...

Yesterday we packed our suitcases, loaded everything into the car, and kissed Grandma goodbye. We had a great trip and Robby thoroughly enjoyed his adventures in Ohio, but he began to feel homesick towards the end of our visit. He cried himself to sleep on Monday night because he missed Charlie Cat and Mr. Bill.

Somehow packing to come home is always messier but less time consuming than packing to go on the trip. Scott simply scooped everything off the floor and shoved it into the suitcases. I am going to have a small mountain of laundry waiting for me as soon as we get home, but I will have to dig through the piles first to remove our toothbrushes, assorted toiletries and various plastic toys that were picked up in the packing process!

I had meticulously packed all of the paperwork that I would need to keep up with my work while in Ohio. I had planned on carving out several hours everyday for me to concentrate on my projects and was optimistic that the dedicated time would allow me to actually get ahead of schedule. My plan might as well have been a fairy tale because the "down time" I had envisioned never materialized.

We were busy visiting with family and friends throughout the duration of our trip. I'm certainly not complaining because I love the people and I always enjoy chatting and catching up with them. We don't get to Ohio often and, since our visits are limited, we try to fit everybody into the schedule. Something had to give and, in this case, it was my time to work.

Of course, just because I sacrificed the time for my work does not mean that the workload has decreased. I am going to have to double up when I get home to catch up on all of the projects that I now find behind schedule. I'm feeling an overwhelming amount of anxiety as I think about trying to get everything done when I get home.

Today we are making the second leg of our trip home. After swimming and getting breakfast, we'll hit the road and drive the final four hours. I'm going to utilize that time to make a list of everything that needs to be done in order for me to be back on schedule. If I'm organized, I know I can do this. The first thing I'm going to delegate is that Scott tackle the vacation laundry.

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