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Friday, June 08, 2012

Working at Home

Yesterday as I was dressing and preparing for a day of meetings, it occurred to me that I haven't worked in an office environment in over six years. I have become spoiled by working in my comfortable clothes, often mismatched, and inevitably covered with stains. Wearing make-up and professional clothes felt foreign as if I was a little girl playing dress up. 

I spent the day in an office participating in meetings and trying to absorb as much information as possible. By the end of the day, I was worn out, but this fatigue was vaguely familiar. I wasn't tired from chasing Robby or because I stayed up all night writing an insurance appeal. I was exhausted because I spent a day under flickering florescent lights, trying to remain alert while keeping my daydreams from intruding on my attention. (To be honest, I prefer being physically tired from playing with Robby to fatigue stemming from monotony.)

Soon after lunch my leg began to twitch and swell, no doubt the result of being sedentary for so long. When I'm working at home, I often have my feet propped over the arm of my rocking chair or on the couch. Sitting in a standard office chair, without moving around, definitely takes a physical toll.  By the time the work day was done, I had completely slipped out of my socket and was rhythmically kicking my leg trying to keep the swelling in check. My efforts were only moderately successful.

Working from home is not easy, but at this point in my life it has become my definite preference. I don't like being tethered to a building and being told which hours I must work. I like working in comfy clothes without having to worry about my appearance, and I have become adept at scheduling and balancing my various contractual obligations. The hours that I work are erratic, but my self-made schedule suits my needs perfectly. The fact that I can kick off my leg and prop up my limb while working on my couch is a definite bonus!

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  1. I enjoy walking away from my teenage tempers and emotional outbursts and most of the time I wear scrubs....but I do miss having a schedule that I have to plan weeks in advance to ask for time off or book all my days off. Also after sitting at my work desk and sitting in my car 2 hrs, my poor feet look like balloons by the time I get home, I think once the teenage insanity is done, being home to work would be perfect! But for now I'll settle with a job closer to home and maybe more normal hours or winning the Lotto then I'd just volunteer and hire guards for the teens......