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Monday, June 04, 2012

Pirate Party Recap!

My promise of party prep help never quite materialized, so I spent all day Friday cleaning and cooking late into the night. I woke at dawn to clean up the yard after the violent storms that blew through just a few hours earlier. After a few hours the sticks were picked up, the chairs were set out and the pirate flags were hung. Just as I was putting my rake away and wiping the dirt from my leg, the moon bounce and cotton candy machine were delivered. A quick shower and we were party ready!

Our first guests arrived at 1:00, and Robby could not have been happier. Our yard was quickly filled with children running, laughing, and bouncing. Thankfully, the weather cooperated with bright blue skies and warm but not hot temperatures because we ended up hosting nearly 50 people. It was a perfect day!

Towards evening we lit the fire pit, roasted marshmallows, and made s'mores. The adults talked and new friendships were made. Robby and his friends continued bouncing until close to 9:00 when the bounce company came to retrieve their goods.

The day seemed to pass in a blur. I never expected his party to last 8 hours! My little party-goer was utterly exhausted when his bouncing buddies left. We had to carry him into bed and I'm not quite convinced that he was awake when his head hit the pillow.

I quickly followed his lead and went to bed shortly after him, but not before patting myself on the back for a party well-done. I decided to sit down and reflect on the day over a piece of cake. I didn't even feel guilty about the splurge in my diet because, according to the pedometer that I was wearing, I walked over 9 miles in my duties as party hostess!

Sunday morning my sleepy brown eyed boy walked into the living room and curled up on my lap. He gave me a huge bear hug and offered me an unsolicited kiss. He looked up at my and whispered, "Momom, thank you for my party yesterday. It was the bestest day of my whole life, and that's a lot of days because I'm six now." Friday and Saturday were both hectic and exhausting, but knowing how much it was enjoyed by my son made it worth every sleep deprived moment!

Still in his jammies when the bouncer, cotton candy machine and hot dog cooker were delivered. He did, however, have the sense to put on his pirate hat and cowboy boots before running outside.

                                                               Ready to bounce!

                                                  He took his wish very seriously!

                           In case you're curious, my shirt says, "Mommy of the Birthday Boy!"

                                                              Robby's best friend Nick.

                                                          The first go round with the cotton candy.

                                                            Everybody loves cotton candy!

Breakfast Sunday morning. He was so tired he asked us to "feed him like a baby bird" and almost fell asleep!

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