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Friday, June 01, 2012

Robby's Piratical Party!

The excitement in our home is palpable because tomorrow is Robby's much anticipated birthday party! To be completely honest, it will be his first birthday party. Scott and I have been lax about hosting a birthday party before this year because he hasn't been in school and his friend base was limited.

This year everything changed when he went to school. Robby began to receive invitations to parties of his friends, introducing the expectation of his own event. He began planning his birthday party in December, carefully paging through the Oriental Trading catalog and circling everything that caught his fancy.

After much debate, Robby settled on a Pirate Party. I was thrilled with the selection because we already have pirate costumes from last Halloween and, if I do say so myself, my prosthesis makes me a natural for the role. Our kitchen table is now buried under pirate paper plates, napkins, cups, flags, and assorted themed decorations and trinkets.

Today I will finish cooking and baking for the party. Cookies need to be baked, cupcakes need to be decorated, and food needs to be prepared. I have a list and a timeline and hopefully there will be no snags. I have a lot to do and a limited amount of time. Who would have thought a Pirate Party would be so much work!

Saturday the Moonbounce Slide, cotton candy machine, and hot dog cart will be delivered. Thankfully the owner of the amusement company is a coworker of mine and has provided us with a discount which makes this event affordable. Hopefully the rain that has been forecast for our area for the early morning hours will not stay. We have to hang the Jolly Roger flags around the yard, blow up the water balloons and set up the scavenger hunt. In the afternoon over 20 five and six year old friends, along with their parents, will descend on our home for a Piratical good time.

This party has been a lot of work, but it has also been fun. Scott and Robby have both been involved with the planning and setup so I don't feel like I'm doing this event on my own. Robby is looking forward to celebrating his day with his friends from school and his cousins. Admittedly I think we have gone a little over the top with this party, but he's worth it. This hasn't been the easiest year for us, and we all need a reason to celebrate right now!  Look for pictures Saturday night!  ARGGHHH!!!!

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