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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fitness Forward...

It is difficult for me to end a professional relationship whether it be with a hairstylist or a plumber. I have been known to tolerate inept work simply because I don't want to hurt feelings. Part of me worried that I would have a difficult time switching gyms because I wouldn't feel comfortable severing the relationship. As it turns out, it was easier than I anticipated!

Last week I was still suffering from the affects of the swarming yellow jackets. My welts were itchy and raw. I felt toxic and the epinephrine administered at the hospital on Sunday kept my heart rate elevated through Wednesday. Needless to say, I was forced to cancel my training sessions.

I left a message on Sunday explaining that I was advised not to exercise for the coming week. I cancelled my sessions and asked about the rescheduling policy. I received a curt email informing me that I would not be permitted to reschedule my training sessions because they have a "no cancellation, no exception policy." Of course, they would be willing to waive the exception policy if I was planning to renew my contract.

My break-up with the facility was made easy by their communication. I responded with a succinct "screw you" followed by an explanation that I have not given up on myself, but I have abandoned all confidence in their abilities to help me achieve my goals. Pressing the send button felt wonderful!

The past few days I have been investigating new fitness facilities. After numerous tours and interviews, I am delighted that I found a gym that suits me. I felt at ease during the tour, liked the staff, and was thrilled that the clientele were not all sporting perfectly sculpted bodies. I felt comfortable, which is something that was lacking at my previous facility. I was impressed that the head trainer asked if he could contact my prosthetist for information concerning my prosthetic and working with an amputee. I certainly never expected a trainer to have experience with an amputee, but I am encouraged by his willingness to learn!

In addition to unlimited sessions with a personal trainer, my membership entitles me to participate in a variety of fitness classes. When I first embarked on my fitness quest, I chose a private gym because I felt uncomfortable working out in front of other people. As my confidence and competence have increased, I am no longer concerned about how I look working out. I may be pudgy, have one leg, and uncoordinated, but I will be working out with a lot of enthusiasm!

Today I will be going for my first session and fitness class. I am looking forward to continuing my training. Wish me luck. I know I can do this!

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  1. I used to work out regularly at the YMCA, mostly because it had an hour and half free daycare, which enabled me to work out and spend a half hour with my older two alone at the pool before I would pick up the twins and spend another hour playing with them in the pool.one thing that I noticed asking the way was I was often working out when a young Amputee with the same type of prosthetic my son has, no one treated him differently or stared, it helped me to realize my son could be like that young man and to keep taking my toddler into the pool where I would have to pop of his leg and handle the states and questions from the small kids in the kiddie end. So remember you never know, you will inspire your fellow gym members!