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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Louie Louie

Rain showers canceled our parade plans and thwarted our blackberry picking efforts, but we still had a fantastic Fourth of July. Scott and Robby dropped me off at the gym in the morning while the two shopped at Home Depot for "man things." When the boys picked me up an hour later, I was drenched in sweat and Robby was clutching his prized new socket set.

After a patriotic breakfast at Bob Evans (we couldn't think of any place that exuded more Americana), we headed home to watch the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Turning onto our road, Robby and I simultaneously shrieked for Scott to stop the car. I hopped out and ran (across traffic) to the other side of the intersection to retrieve a new little friend.

Robby was elated and I was immediately dubbed "Super Momom-Turtle Saving Champion." He was convinced that we had found Louie. We've been looking for Louie the Turtle for the past 5 weeks ever since a flyer was put in our mailbox from a family trying to locate their missing pet. Every time we walked through the neighborhood, played in the woods, or visited our neighbors, Robby would remind me to "keep an eye out for Louie."

Adamant that he had finally located the missing pet, I agreed to take the turtle home so that we could call the family. I tried to prep Robby that the chances of our found turtle being Louie were slim and that we would feed our little shelled friend some watermelon and let him go in the woods. Robby agreed that we would let the turtle go if he wasn't Louie, but he was convinced that we had discovered the missing pet.

I called the family who, to be honest, seemed surprised to hear from me. After a month they have given up hope of recovering their lost little friend. I was asked if the turtle had a blue mark on his underbelly.  I asked Robby, who turned the turtle over to expose the blue mark. The family arrived at our home five minutes later with their ecstatic 10 year old leading the charge.

Against all odds, Robby had managed to locate the missing turtle and reunite him with his owners. I was proud of my little turtle-finder for turning down the offered reward without hesitation. He simply explained that he has "a kitty cat named Charlie who is orange. If Charlie gets lost, I would want somebody to help me find him, too."

Our Fourth of July was low-key but productive. We reunited a lost pet with his family, attended an neighboring town's community picnic, and saw a beautiful fireworks display. All in all, it was a great day!

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