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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Saturday morning Robby was still smiling from our fishy excursion. Wanting to keep him busy, I took to the internet and researched activities close to my Mom's house. I grew up in this house, yet I'm shocked at how many local attractions I've never experienced!

Since the aquarium was more educational based, I sought a physical activity. I finally settled on "Mountain Adventures" which is hosted at our local ski resort. The website touted climbing structures, obstacle courses, a maze and something called an "OGO" ball. Determined to have fun, I threw a box of band-aids into my purse and we headed to the resort.

Robby immediately noticed the "OGO" balls when we entered through the gate. In case you are unfamiliar, OGO balls are large inflatable plastic orbs. Passengers willingly climb into the ball, which is then zipped shut and pushed down the side of a mountain. My wide-eyed six year old saw adventure and speed. I saw inner ear imbalance and probable vomiting. I also knew that, before we left, being strapped into a giant beach ball and pushed down the mountain was inevitable.

Trying to put off the rolling torture, I directed Robby towards the obstacle course. He had no apprehensions and immediately started crawling across the rope net bridge. Unfortunately his fear made an appearance about half way across the net and he became frozen, frantically calling for help. I tried to talk him through his fears, but soon it became apparent that he needed rescued.

Traversing a rope net bridge with prosthetic is a physically and mentally exhausting endeavor! The toe of my prosthetic constantly became stuck and the entire device almost came off on two occasions. I had to be cautious because, although I knew that there was a catch net beneath us, retrieving my prosthetic should it fall would have been difficult. Slowly, I made it across the wobbly, hole riddled bridge to rescue my little adventure seeker.

After Robby and I crossed the bridge, we continued exploring the various activities. He had a blast on the zip line and we made it through the maze in record time (on our third attempt). He learned how to cross a tight rope (while maintaining a death grip on my shoulder) and made it half way up a rock wall.

After several hours, he began asking about the OGO balls. Finally, I acquiesced and agreed to look into the height and age requirements. I was relieved when the attendant informed us that Robby was too young and too short to go for a ride in the ball. The disappointment was written all over his face as we turned to walk away. My heart sank when I heard the attendant offer, "But he's old enough to go down the wet ball, as long as you ride with him."

Robby immediately began shedding his shoes and socks. I was still trying to process the concept of a "wet ball" as I followed him up the hill. Five minutes after we began climbing we were finally at the top, facing the imposing balls.

It turns out that a "wet ball" is simply an OGO ball filled with gallons of water in the center compartment. I climbed in first, handing my prosthetic back to the teenager helping us. Robby followed me and we sat in a shallow pool of cold water inside a large hamster ball. Before I could change my mind the gate was opened and we were pushed down the hill.

Robby laughed during the entire ride! I was pleasantly surprised that we did not go upside down in the ball. We simply rocked back and forth as the water moved. I have to admit that the ride was fun, and to my delight it did not make me sick. When we finally stopped at the big mud puddle at the bottom of the hill, he was already begging to go again. I slipped on my leg and agreed that we would go for on more ride.

Before the day was done I schlepped up the hill and rode the wet ball 17 times. Despite being exhausted and soaking wet, we stayed at the park until it closed. I am hereby submitting my application for Mom of the Year after this adventure filled day!

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