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Monday, August 20, 2012

Surprise Trip!

The summer that I so vividly envisioned in June never materialized. I anticipated spending days in our backyard pool, splashing with Robby and lounging in a raft. Our pool popped after 4 hours, leaving me with a broken platform and a ravine created by 3200 gallons of water gushing downhill. 

Instead of basking in the sunshine laying on a beach towel, I spent the majority of my time working.  Although I'll miss Scooter and Robby when school starts, I will enjoy the solitude so that I can work during the day instead of getting up before dawn. With time in short supply, I'm embarrassed to admit that my house hasn't been cleaned since the school year ended.

My Mom's bilateral knee replacement has taken priority this month. I was able to return home for two days, where I caught up on errands and gathered more paperwork from my home office. I packed up Robby and we've moved into my Mom's house for awhile.

With my Mom settled in rehab, my constant presence is no longer necessary. We go and visit her during the evening for a few hours but our afternoon schedule is clear. Because we haven't taken a vacation this summer, I've been trying to make the most of our time in PA by going on day trips.

On Friday I packed up Robby in the car, gave him his DS and refused to tell him where we were going. He immediately began pleading and bargaining to have me reveal the secret. The more I refused to reveal the destination, the more excited he became as he tried to figure it out.

After driving an hour and navigating through Baltimore to find the appropriate parking garage, Robby and I walked to "the big glass building." Those who were around us in line for tickets quickly realized that Robby did not know where he was and played along with my game. He asked the couple behind us what was inside and they simply shrugged and smiled.

When we first entered. Smile couldn't be bigger!
As soon as we entered we came face to face with a large aquarium filled with large fish. Robby shrieked, startling the other patrons. He jumped up, wrapped both arms around my neck, buried his head into my shoulder. "Momom, I didn't know that there was a big city aquarium here. I thought I would never get to go to the aquarium again. I'm so excited. You're the bestest Momom in the whole world for bringing me here."

We had a wonderful day exploring the exhibits and learning about our finned friends. Robby was particularly enthralled by the jelly fish, sharks and dolphins. We even watched the dolphins do tricks, a sight which brought my little guy to tears. After the show Robby walked up to the trainers and said, "I really liked your dolphins. Do you know Winter? Winter is special because she is a dolphin who doesn't have a tail. She uses a prosthetic like Momom. But your ordinary dolphins are nice too."

I don't know who enjoyed the day more, Robby or me. He loved watching all the fish and exploring the vast exhibits. I was thrilled that my surprise worked and that he was having a great time. Robby will remember the fish that he saw. I'll remember sharing the day with him in such a special way. Although the summer is coming to an end, we still have another few weeks. I plan on filling them with as much fun as possible!
Robby asked me to include the shark picture. (He thinks people will be impressed.)

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