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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Poison Ivy...

The past few days have been miserable for my little guy. His saga began with a seemingly benign complaint on Saturday afternoon. By evening his little legs, along with his arm, torso and neck were covered with distinctive red bumps. I had no doubts: he had his first exposure to poison ivy!

Thankfully, I followed my Mom's advice and took him to the pediatrician. He received both a shot in the bum and a lollipop. He was not amused, but his mood was uplifted slightly when I swung by Cold Stone on the way home for ice cream.

Looking at his rash, I shudder to think how much more discomfort he would be experiencing had I not taken him. Even with the injection and about $40 worth of ointments, creams, lotions and sprays we desperately purchased, he has been miserable. It is so hard seeing him in pain, especially when I know that there is little I can do to make it better.

Anxious to find some relief for him, or if that wasn't possible at least a distraction, yesterday I heeded my friend's suggestion and took him to the pool. I knew that even if the chlorine didn't dry the oozing bumps, hopefully the novelty of playing in the water would take his mind off of the itching. To my delight, the pool was precisely what he needed!

In addition to swimming, Robby mustered his courage to attempt the lifeguard-administered swim test. He was over-the-moon when he easily passed, earning the coveted orange wrist band which allowed him access to the "ginormous big kid slide." His swim lessons were the best thing we've done this summer!

Brave, but not so brave that he didn't insist that I accompany him, he climbed the 42 stairs to the top of the structure. When it was his turn he gave me a kiss, took a deep breath and screamed "Guacamole" as he propelled down the slide. (I think he misunderstood the bigger kids, who were screaming "Geronimo.") He was all smiles throughout the ride.

I positioned my swim prosthetic on top of my leg and when whizzing down the twirling slide. When I went splashing into the pool at the bottom I was met by Robby, who gave me a huge hug and told me that it was "totally way awesome." Needless to say we went on the slide again.

All told, we went down the slide 30 times. Considering that we climbed 42 stairs to reach the top, I figure that we climbed 12600 stairs yesterday, a feat which is especially impressive considering that I was wearing my swim prosthetic--basically a pole and a rubber foot!

The pool worked its magic yesterday, not only distracting Robby but also helping to dry the poison ivy.  He barely noticed the itching. Although, in all fairness, it is difficult to say if the lack of itching was because the rash was drying or because he was simply too tired to complain!

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