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Monday, September 24, 2012


Saturday I surprised Robby with a trip to the  Big Apple Circus,  a small production that doesn't feature bears wearing a tutu or sad looking lions. We took Robby to a larger circus several years ago and, after seeing the pathetic looking bear peddle a tricycle, I swore we would never go again. However, I jumped at the opportunity to go to this show because I knew that the only animals were a few horses, house cats, and dogs.
One wouldn't think it would be difficult to find a circus tent in the parking lot of a mall. However, I can promise that it isn't as easy as it sounds. Robby and I drove for 35 minutes, nearly the entire circumference of the mall, before spotting the Big Top tent. Apparently had I turned left instead of right when I first entered the complex, as directed by the sign I didn't see, I would have saved 34 minutes of driving!

Delighted finally to be in the tent and relieved that we didn't miss the beginning of the show, Robby proudly handed the usher our tickets. The gentleman took one look at me, walked away to talk with another usher and then returned. I was worried that there was a problem with our tickets (especially since I bought them off the Internet) and becoming frustrated by yet another delay. Although I can't say for certain because of the language barrier, his pointing to my leg and patting me on the shoulder made me think that I was benefiting from an unspoken amputee courtesy.  Never one to turn down a better experience, I smiled, thanked the man and took our new seats. We were seated two rows back from ringside despite our tickets that clearly stated we should be two levels up.

To say that Robby enjoyed the circus would be an understatement. He was in absolute awe by the performers and their "totally amazing and epic" feats. He was particularly mesmerized by the acrobats, providing a running commentary of his fears as the men flew, spun and twisted through the air. Hiding his eyes but peeking through his fingers, he had a huge smile on his face throughout the act.

He was amazed by the acrobats, but came away inspired by the house cats doing tricks. He chattered away throughout intermission about his need for a hoop and a stool.  He was disappointed but eventually accepted the explanation that he cannot have a fire hoop because he has to be 16 years old. Undeterred by his cat training mission, Poor Charlie Cat has begrudgingly been pushed through a hula hoop by ring master Robby ever since we got home!

I am not sure why I was afforded better seats because of my prosthetic use, but I am grateful for the perk. The ringside view allowed Robby to become fully engrossed with the performance, something which would have been more difficult from the seats I purchased. I wasn't expecting to be upgraded, but we are happy the way it worked out. (Of course, Charlie Cat might have a different view on the matter!)

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  1. Oh, God, Peggy, This one made us laugh and laugh. I can just see Robby's wheels turning in his head when he asked for the stool and hoop. He is such an awesome kid!