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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Walking Game

I have been trying to get my work done during the day while the boys are at school so that I can offer them my full attention when they are home. With a few exceptions, I have been successful. When Robby comes home from school we work on homework, make dinner and for the past few nights have been going on a walk through the neighborhood. Well, Robby and I walk. Scooter rides his scooter.

Originally started as a way to burn some extra calories while tuckering Robby out, our walks have evolved into much more. Robby has turned our evening strolls into an odd role-playing game which, although I've now played it for hours, I have to admit I don't understand the concept, the rules, or the goal. He seems to have a blast though which is all that is important.

I thought that we were reenacting a video game, but now I'm not quite sure what we are playing. I do know that it involves my carrying a stick (magic wand) and donning various types of invisible armor every few steps. Apparently the armor carries unique powers which are activated at Robby's directive.

One time I tried to lead the game, warning Prince Robby about a low flying dragon and a Yoshi egg bomb.  He stopped walking, looked at me and said, "Momom, there is no dragon over there. Right now we are in a flower house and soon we are going to look for a treasure chest. We aren't even on Yoshi Island" Um... okay. From that point I have assumed my role as passive follower.

Every evening walk throughout the neighborhood playing this game. Robby happily shouts instructions and directives. I follow the instructions, indulging my little boy while providing comic relief the neighbors.  After all, I'm sure seeing a woman with a prosthetic angrily waving a stick in the air (fighting the dragon) while flapping her arms (pretending to fly) after spinning in a circle (creating a tornado), all without missing a beat singing Frosty the Snowman must be a wildly entertaining sight! Who said I wasn't good at multitasking!

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