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Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day!

My hatred of Labor Day probably began when I was six years old and I realized that the holiday heralded the start of a new school year. I loved school, but the end of carefree summer days always made me sad. I found it difficult to enjoy a picnic when I knew I would be rushed to bed early in preparation for the first day of school.

After I graduated college and I began my career as a teacher, my resentment towards Labor Day only intensified.  The holiday began to represent the chaotic and stressful time that every teacher experiences as they prepare for the start of another school year.  Between meetings, putting up bulletin boards and trying to make every student feel welcome, the first days of school are nothing more than a marathon in exhaustion and stress!

This year, Labor Day has taken on a whole new meaning in our house. Not only is Scooter returning to work, but Robby is going to be in school for the entire day. I can't believe he is going to be a first grader!

The past few days have been a flurry of activity as we've been preparing Robby for the "big day." We took him to meet his new teacher,  hoping that this experience would buoy his excitement about starting school. Instead, he looked at me as I was buckling him into his booster seat and said, "Momom, there is no way in hell I'm going to that dump school. No way!" That was certainly not the reaction I anticipated.

I tried to talk with him, pointing out all of the attribute of his new school. Quickly I realized that reasoning with a six year old was a fruitless endeavor. Instead I decided to become proactive.

After talking with his teacher and explaining Robby's apprehensions (I left out his opinion of the school), she agreed that he might benefit from another visit. Robby and I visited his class again on Friday morning,this time without his new peers. He was less than thrilled with the prospect of another visit, but quickly agreed when he realized I wasn't going to make him stay.

His teacher spent a lot of time talking with Robby about all of the exciting adventures that they were going to have in the upcoming months. I am so glad that I trusted my inner "mommy voice." Robby left the school skipping with a smile on his face. He insisted that we call his Daddy because his new school and class were "totally awesome."   He is particularly enthusiastic about participating in the various science experiments!

He is excited to start on Tuesday, which is making today a little easier. I am hoping for a good day, but I have no illusions of having a carefree and fun filled afternoon. After all, tomorrow marks the first day of school for both Scooter and Robby. I have a lot to do to get them both ready for the big day!

Happy Labor Day!

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