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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Batteries NEVER Included

Yesterday was a flurry of excitement. Between discovering the XBox which was delivered (early) courtesy of Santa to setting up and playing the game console, both of my boys were busy for much of the day. I spent the the afternoon on what became akin to the great quests of the medieval times, the only difference being that I was seeking batteries instead of the Holy Grail. Four stores after I began my search I finally found the conveniently scarce 9 volt batteries which will be used this morning to help fly Robby's coveted remote control helicopter.  Next year, I'm buying the batteries at the same time as the toy!

To my delight it began to snow as I was leaving the final store with my batteries in hand. The white fluffy flakes were simply magical as they were dancing around me. All of my battery seeking frustrations lifted away, and I was rejuvenated with the holiday spirit. When I got home, I began baking!

In all honesty (with the exception of my chocolate chip cookies) I used mixes this year. Robby didn't seem to mind that the cookies weren't from scratch and my kitchen smelled as yummy as the homemade variety while they were baking. With my baking done in record time thanks to Betty Crocker, I curled up on my bed and watched The Santa Claus on TV. It was a relaxing and happy day.

This morning the hours of careful planning and wrapping will be undone in sheer minutes when Robby tears into his pile of treasures. I think he is going to be thrilled with his presents and I can hardly wait to see his face when he unwraps each one. Thankfully, courtesy of my fearless foray into the realm of Christmas Eve shopping, he will have the necessary batteries  to play with his new toys!

Merry Christmas! I hope that the day is filled with joy, laughter and love. I'll be sure to post pictures of our post-apocalyptic unwrapping!

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