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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Wrap-Up

I can only describe yesterday as wonderfully exhausting. Robby woke up with his youthful enthusiasm in overdrive as he nervously tiptoed towards the living room to await his fate. I could see the worry on his face as he pondered whether he had been naughty or nice. One glance under the tree answered his question: he had apparently been very good!

Robby tore through the packages in record time, creating a tornado of colorful blue paper in his wake. After unwrapping each new treasure he carefully arranged and stacked them, proudly creating an impressive present tower. I think I may have a budding architect on my hands. The first toy he began to play with was a small box of blocks, which he carefully constructed into a castle.

We spent the morning assembling and trying out several of his new toys. Mr. Bill stopped over for coffee and to wish us a Merry Christmas. Robby was excited to give him the musical Christmas tie that he bought for his friend.

It turns out that Robby was so impressed by the musical tie that he bought one for his Daddy as well. Always a good sport, Scott proudly wore the festive tie all day. Robby was eager to show everybody that the tie played Jingle Bells. 

We spent the afternoon at my Mom's house, visiting with family and friends. We ate a lot of food (probably too much) and enjoyed telling stories and laughing. By the time everybody left it had become late and we were too tired to drive home.

Today we'll head back to Virginia, where the aftermath of Christmas morning awaits me. Torn wrapping paper, ribbon and boxes are strewn throughout much of my living and dining rooms. Hopefully I'll have it cleaned up by New Year's Day but, judging from the mess that we left, this deadline seems doubtful!

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