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Monday, December 10, 2012

Homeward Bound

There is nothing like an airport fiasco to seemingly erase all of the rest and rejuvenation that was gained while on vacation. We had a wonderful time on the cruise, but the trip home was wrought with snafus. What should have been a simple flight resulted in over 10 hours sitting in an airport terminal, on the floor, unsure if we were going to make it home at all. All of the stress that had slowly evaporated in the warm sun resurfaced through the experience.

Hobbling into the airport terminal on crutches and in considerable pain, I was eager simply to sit down and to wait for our plane to be called. Unfortunately the terminal was crowded, and all of the seats were taken. This is not the first time I have been in this situation, yet every time it happens I am shocked and disheartened. Despite my obvious mobility impairment, not one able bodied individual stood to offer me his seat! Perhaps most surprising were the children who remained seated next to their parents. Without doubt, I know that it would only take one look and a slight nudge for Robby to stand up and forfeit his seat.

Desperate to get off of my feet, I ended up sitting on the floor, under the charging station. I didn't realize that I would take up residency in this spot for the next ten hours. Between flight delays and mechanical malfunctions, we didn't leave Florida until nearly midnight. Coupled with the long drive from the airport, we didn't arrive home until nearly 4:00 Sunday morning.

Robby never complained about the painfully long wait in the airport.  He simply sat under the table with me, watching videos and playing his DS. I was delighted and surprised by how accepting he was about the situation. I had anticipated hours of endless whining and destructive boredom that never came. The only whining that was heard originated from Scott who does not embrace travel delays gracefully!

I was proud of Robby for remaining so well-behaved during the long travel day. However, it turns out that his quiet and accepting demeanor may not have been the result of good parenting but rather a symptom of another issue. He woke up Sunday morning with a high fever, a cough and complaining of a headache. In retrospect, he was probably not feeling well enough at the airport to be active and bored. 

** On a side note, I have uploaded our cruise pictures.  Visit www.dropshots.com/schenoweth  to check them out.  Feel free to leave comments... **

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