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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Not Quite So Magical Event

Several months ago I stumbled upon a Facebook contest where the grand prize was a custom show from a locally renown magician.  In addition to the normal demographic information, each entrant needed to provide an essay detailing anything related to magic or a magic show. Since I have been writing this blog every day for nearly three years, I have learned to love contests which require essays.  Let's face it, I have covered just about every topic including a magic show I saw with Robby. I immediately went into my blog archives and found the post. A few minutes of tweaking and my essay was ready to be submitted.

I forgot about the contest until I received a phone call last month informing me that I had won! I was delighted that I was going to be able to bring the show to Robby's class for all of his friends to enjoy. I also knew that Robby would be the hero for the day because he was the one who provided the entertainment.

A lot has transpired in the weeks since the magician was booked. I fell and injured my residual limb and cracked my ankle. We went on a cruise where Robby contracted Dengue Fever. His illness has turned our structured little world upside down. School, housework and Christmas preparation have taken the back burner to medication, fever regulation and trying to provide comfort. This past weekend we have finally come through the "crisis" portion of the illness allowing Scott and I to quasi-relax for the first time since he became sick.

Robby had been improving everyday. His reserves were still low and he continued to require constant breaks, but his piques of energy were lasting for longer periods of time and were occurring more frequently. After much contemplation and discussions with his doctors, it was agreed that Robby could return to school to view the magic show that I had won for his class.  I knew that seeing his friends and enjoying the magician with them would help bolster his spirits. Having been in so much pain, he certainly deserved this treat! Tuesday night we told Robby that he was going to be able to go to school to see the magician the following morning. His smile was brighter than the lights on our Christmas tree!

At about 3 AM on Wednesday, Robby came into our bedroom. He was crying and complained about his ear hurting. Shoot- he was sick again! I tried my best to make him as comfortable as possible until the pediatrician's office opened.

By the time I spoke with the pediatrician, Robby was feeling better. The sharp pain had been replaced by a dull ache. The Tylenol had reduced his fever and he was pleading to go to the magic show. I was hesitant to take him, but his doctor assured me that the probable ear infection was not contagious and that he would benefit by enjoying the show and visiting his friends.

I am glad that I listened to the doctor.and let Robby go to the magic show in his class. His friends were giddy with excitement to be reunited. They all followed the "no hug" rule and fought to sit next to him during the magic show. The performer did a great job including every student while making sure that Robby was chosen for the best tricks. My heart soared when I heard my little guy giggle for the first time in weeks!

About 20 minutes into the 30 minute show, Robby began to wear down. His broad smile was replaced with a faint grin. He was no longer belly laughing and began cupping his ear. I packed him up to go to the doctor as soon as the performer ended the show.

Robby was re-diagnosed with an ear infection. We suspect that it is the same infection that was present when the Dengue manifested. He has been on antibiotics, but apparently they have only been keeping the infection from getting worse and have not been able to clear it up. He was prescribed a stronger medication and we have to visit his ear doctor for follow-up.

Despite him being sick, I am so happy that I took Robby to school to see the show. Being with his friends, even for the limited amount of time, lifted his spirits more than I could at home. He was the hero of the hour, not only because he provided the magician but also because he had returned to the class. Seeing how happy his friends were to see him, Robby is looking forward to going back to school. We have two weeks until school starts again, and I am hoping that Robby will be healthy enough to return!

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