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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


With Robby's health beginning to stabilize, I finally feel comfortable focusing on other issues. First and foremost on my list of things to do was to contact my prosthetist. I have continued to struggle with my mobility since my fall three weeks ago. Each step is painful, and my gait has been terribly compromised. Truth is, I now resemble Quasimodo when I walk!

Sunday afternoon I sent Elliot, my prosthetist, an email asking him if a socket adjustment may help alleviate some of my issues. I know that manipulating the socket will not speed up the healing of my leg, but I was hoping that he might be able to change the pressure points thus providing me with some relief. Without making any promises, he agreed to try and asked me to come to the office Monday morning.

With Robby safely in the hands of Mr. Bill, I headed to Elliot's office. I was cautiously optimistic that he would be able to provide some relief. I wasn't expecting a miracle, but a slight reduction in the searing pain I feel with each step would be a welcome improvement.

Elliot worked with the precision of a surgeon. He added pads and thinned the carbon fiber to allow for more room. He made adjustments to the alignment and reinforced my heel. After nearly 90 minutes of toiling and trial and error, he had transformed an agonizing socket into one that is comfortable for me to wear. My gait instantly improved and the jarring pain has been minimized to a dull ache. While he was not able to completely eliminate all of my discomfort from a deep bone contusion that is going to require months to heal, he was able to make me comfortable while walking. He far exceeded any of my already high expectations.

Walking, not hobbling, out of his office, it occurred to me that I am extremely lucky to have Elliot as my prosthetist. Many of my amputee friends must wait weeks to receive their sockets, and must often endure months of tedious and painful adjustments until the device is deemed acceptable. I cannot imagine the frustration of surrendering a prosthesis for weeks at a time because adjustments were required.

I have been spoiled by my prosthetic experience. Because Elliot does all of his work on the premises, I have never had to surrender my leg for more than a day or two. He appreciates that my prosthesis is a part of my life and that I rely upon it to be functional. He respects what I need and works tirelessly to make me as comfortable as possible while reducing the amount of time I am without my leg. I understand the frustrations of my amputee friends who must wait weeks for a test socket, only to wait more time to receive a definitive prosthesis. All of that waiting equates to more time on crutches or in a wheelchair. I have no doubt that when it comes to finding a good prosthetist, I hit the jackpot!

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