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Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Oreos

Today is Scott's last day of work before winter break. To be honest, I'm not sure who is more excited about his being home. He is giddy as he is looking forward to lounging around and relaxing for twelve straight days. I am excited about the respite of his help caring for Robby, and his assistance with the housework. I think that compromise is going to be in our future so we can both get the vacation we deserve.

This holiday season has been especially difficult. I am accustomed to being constantly in motion, busy with a project or various activities. With Robby being sick and my being hurt, everything has stopped. You would think I would be well-rested because of how little has been accomplished. Instead of getting things done, I've been treading water just trying to take care of Robby. Caring for a sick child is an all-consuming activity which leaves room for nothing else, including my own recuperation.

I am trying to shake the guilt I was feeling about not baking obscene numbers of cookies for the holiday. At this point, it would not be much fun and the task would be something else I have to do, rather than an activity I enjoy. Circumstances this year have intervened with my Christmas traditions. Rather than beat myself up for it (my normal course of action), I am trying to let it go and to adapt. I realized that nobody is going to turn me away from their door if I show up with a plate full of cookies on Valentine's Day!

Although I have been lamenting all of the holiday short-cuts I have taken, Robby is excited about Christmas in spite of the lack of trimmings and traditions. We have a Christmas tree and vanilla Oreos. In the eyes of a six year old, that is really all we need to celebrate!

In the next few days I am going to try to take a lesson from Robby. Instead of looking at everything that isn't done or all of the decorations that are missing, I'm going to try to enjoy what we have accomplished. I am learning to be happy with Oreos and a lopsided Christmas tree.

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