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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break Snow!

Spring Break is in full swing in our house. Robby and Scott have thoroughly enjoyed spending their days lounging around the house, playing XBox and watching cartoons. True to the vow he made to his teacher, Robby has not worn pants since he came home from school on Friday. A little chilly to have bear legs, he's graciously agreed to wear his Super Mario Bros. and Angry Birds lounge pants. He is going to be forced to break the "no pants" promise when we run errands, but so far we have been enjoying the break by being a family of recluses.

Most Spring Breaks have been filled with day trips and adventures at the park. This year we will be spending our time sledding and cuddled by the fireplace. What a crazy season this has been; we received no snow during the traditionally cold months yet we had four inches of fluffy white fun fall yesterday. Regardless of the date, Robby is delighted whenever it snows, and he began begging to play outside.

After I slurped down two mugs of coffee, we bundled up in our snowsuits and headed outside to play. Because Robby's friend is spending her vacation in Florida, I knew I wouldn't get much of a respite from playing outside. Although it wouldn't have been my preference of activities, it really isn't a lot of fun to play in the snow by yourself and the opportunities to throw snowballs have been few and far between. I tried to push the discomfort aside and just enjoyed the time with him.

We spent hours sledding. Actually it is more accurate to describe him as sledding and me as assuming the role of the donkey, responsible for schlepping the sled back up the hill. Typically I have no difficulty walking outside and through our yard. Tracking through five inches of snow was laborious, especially with my prosthesis. Instead of walking I was relegated to marching so that I could clear the snow with each step. After 3.5 hours of marching and pulling a sled uphill, I was elated when my red cheeked little snow bug asked to come inside and warm up.

By the time we were warmed and finished with lunch, the snow had morphed into rain. As quickly as it began, our snow-filled wonderland had completely melted away, leaving slush and mud in its wake. Although it wasn't the beginning of the Spring Break we had anticipated, we had a great day. Who knows what adventures we will have today!

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