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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Swim Day

The first day of Spring Break was spent sledding and playing outside. Yesterday Scott and I decided to surprise Robby with a trip to the indoor water park. I've come to accept that my daily goal has become tiring out Robby so that he sleeps well, affording me precious quiet time at night and in the early morning to get my work done!

After teasing a big surprise all morning, Robby finally "guessed" the surprise correctly. Of course, the fact that both Scott and I were wearing our swim suits and I was holding his goggles probably helped him figure it out. (We realized that we needed to provide clues when his first guesses included going to cowboy school and visiting a koopa farm.) Thankfully the disappointment of foregoing cowboy school (again) was short lived when he realized that we were going swimming.

Wearing our swimsuits under our sweats and carrying an armful of towels and my swim leg (which oddly enough both boys get a hoot out of carrying into the aquatic center), we set out for an afternoon of swimming fun. Robby was grinning ear to ear as soon as his first toe touched the water. I just love seeing him so authentically happy!

Robby and I went down the corkscrew water slide at least 20 times. Considering that it was 44 steps to the top of the slide, we did a lot of climbing. The fact that I was wearing my water leg, which provides no flexion or energy return, made traversing the slippery stairs an impressive feat. Robby was even amazed by my climbing abilities offering me a congratulatory fist bump each time we made it to the top of the slide. 

When we weren't climbing and sliding, Robby loved practicing his swimming strokes (including the dreaded "Tarzan" stroke from swim class) and playing in the water obstacle course. He was a bundle of energy and movement for nearly three hours until our day came to an abrupt end. Apparently somebody (I'm hoping a child) defecated in the pool. The area was evacuated and the pool was closed for the rest of the afternoon.

Robby was disappointed when we had to leave the water and made us promise that we would return to swim again when "the poop is cleared away." After three hours of swimming, Scott and I thought that Robby would be tired out. As it turn out, Robby was raring to go for the rest of the evening, and Scott and I were both exhausted. So much for my plan of his going to bed early and my working. At one point I was fairly certain he was going to be tucking me into bed.

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