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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Back To Reality

I had two unhappy and slow moving boys yesterday morning. To quote Robby, moving so early in the morning felt like he was a koopa (turtle) walking through cold syrup. After 9 days of fun and relaxation, Spring Break had come to an end, and they were returning to school.

I felt an odd combination of relief and sadness when I drove Robby to school. We had a great time and managed to fit a lot of adventures into a short amount of time. I knew the house was going to be quiet with him away. I also knew that I needed the house to be quiet because the looming report is due at the end of this week. I've been working on it as much as possible during their break, but it is always easier to concentrate when nobody else is home.

After listening to 90 minutes of lamenting, bargaining, and whining, I finally managed to get Robby ready for school. During the drive to school he was angry and refused to talk to me, but finally spoke as he declared me the "meanest Momom in the entire universe for ruining break by making him and dad go back to school." As soon as he entered his classroom and saw his friends, the scowl left his face and his sour mood lightened. He instantly forgot that he had been mad at me, gave me a quick hug and took off running with his friend. 

At home, I poured myself a huge cup of tea, sat at the dining room table (which hasn't been used in a week because it is covered with documents) and worked non-stop. I didn't even stop to eat lunch. Before I knew it, the day had passed and it was time to pick up Robby. I was so focused on the report that I was too busy to notice the stillness of the house!

Of course, I didn't get any work done on the report after Robby and Scott came home. Although they were both tired because of the transition back to reality, they were oddly demanding of my attention. After hours of being pulled in various directions, I put on the XBox and encouraged them to play a game. For the first time that day, I was able to actually relax and enjoy the solitude- as I was hiding in a bubble bath.

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