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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Ugliest Photo EVER

April, which has been declared Limb Loss Awareness Month, is upon us again. Last year I was honored to be featured in an informative vignette which was looped on the Jumbo-Tron in Times Square, NYC. Robby was with me and was shown in several parts of the video. The memories of our traveling to New York City to see the video on the larger-than -ife screen is one of my favorite highlights from last year. 

This year I have been bestowed with another honor.  I am delighted to announce that I am now the National Spokesperson for Show Your Mettle Day, an initiative through the Amputee Coalition. Show Your Mettle Day is surely a familiar concept to my longtime blog readers. It is based on the Strut Your Stuff Days that I have founded and spearheaded during the past two years.

The Amputee Coalition took notice of Strut Your Stuff and together we are taking the initiative to a National platform. Similar to Strut Your Stuff, we are encouraging amputees across the country to step out without their cosmetic covers on the last Saturday of April (April 27th). We are a growing community and hopefully this simple gesture will help to create a more cohesive bond. In addition to foregoing the cosmetic cover, the Amputee Coalition is asking members to upload photos of themselves onto the Coalition's Facebook event page. Willow Wood has agreed to donate $1 for each photo uploaded during the month of April. 

I was asked to write a short article explaining the evolution of the event for the March/ April issue of inMotion. Writing the article was not a problem as this is a topic close to my heart, but finding a photo to accompany the piece took more time. Actually, it took a lot of time, multiple wardrobe changes and several location shoots. After several hours of posing for the camera, Scott and I whittled the choices down to three. I was delighted when I finally forwarded the photo options, thankful that the picture drama was behind us.

It wasn't until the magazine came out that I realized how unattractive (ugly would be far more of an apt descriptor) I look in the photo. I am mortified that this off-color, haggard and tired looking likeness is being viewed by my peers. To think that this photo was the best of the lot certainly doesn't say much. Always looking on the bright side, my Mom just commented that the picture will "help to keep the devotees from harassing you." I love her spin on things!

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