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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Hell No!

Walking into school yesterday, I was anticipating a normal week. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and I was looking forward to a casual, albeit busy, day. As I was leaving the school, the Principal asked me into her office, and I instantly knew that my stress-free demeanor was about to become a memory. 

As she began to speak, I felt like I was witnessing a poor movie. After all, this conversation could not be happening in 2013! Numb and dumbfounded, I was diplomatically informed that a complaint has been voiced about my attire. I was confused because my wardrobe is comprised of conservative "mom-wear" and a few demure work outfits. Other than the occasional stain, I have never worn anything that could be classified as offensive.

I must have looked confused, because the Principal clarified by explaining that the issue was with my prosthesis, not my clothes. A parent, not a student, had actually taken the time to complain about seeing my prosthetic? My immediate response of, "If they find seeing it so unseemly, they should try wearing it!" was met with a flat reaction.

If my prosthesis ever made a student feel uncomfortable, I would jump on the opportunity to educate and enlighten. So many times children are initially uncomfortable simply because a prosthetic is an unknown concept. I never hesitate to tell my story, to let them touch and investigate my prosthesis, and I always find the time to answer their questions. Had this issue originated from a child, it would have been easier to accept. The fact that an adult took it upon himself (I suspect I know who it is) to complain about my prosthesis being visible infuriates me!

Although I don't feel that I should have been made aware of this complaint, I don't judge the Principal. She was in an uncomfortable situation and was probably hoping that I would be the avenue of least resistance. I have been nothing but accommodating and helpful all school year, so it would be easy to assume that I would simply oblige for the remaining six weeks of school. She was wrong!

If viewing my prosthesis is offensive to this individual's sensibilities, might I suggest he not look in my direction. I am an amputee, and that reality is never going to change. It took a lot of courage for me to make my prosthetic visible for the first time. I have absolutely no intention of now covering it up simply to satisfy the ignorance of one arrogant fool. 

Despite the cold temperatures and the rain, I am wearing shorts today. I plan on wearing shorts, or a skirt, for the remainder of the school year. For good measure, last night Robby had a great time applying sparkly crystals and stickers to my socket. I will be a full-on blinged out Amputee Mommy for the remainder of the school year!


  1. good for you!

  2. Screw them! Don't ever change!

  3. I love you Peg, but you are completely incorrect about giving the Prinicipal a pass on this one. Their job is to be in charge of educating, and part of that is to foster an enviornment of tolerance and acceptance.

    By approaching you with this stupid statement he/she put the burden on you, which is completely wrong. The burden is on the idiot who made the statement, they should not be given the consideration of tolerance of such stupidity.

  4. Wow. I can't believe what I was reading. I had to think about it for few minutes to let it absorb. Next time someone walks by with the crutches would they ask them to leave the school premises or simply knock crutches away from person?