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Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day!

In case your inbox hasn't been flooded with email offers for flowers, candy, spa treatments and pre-planned mortuary services (I thought the "show Mom you care by prepaying for her casket" offer was tacky), allow me to remind and perhaps enlighten you. Sunday is Mother's Day. True to his personality, Robby has completely thrown himself into holiday preparations.

My little reveler has been planning my breakfast in bed for weeks. At his insistence, he (with the help of his Daddy) prepared a practice breakfast last Sunday. At first I thought they had confused the date, but Robby quickly chirped that he was just making sure he could flip the french toast without it falling on the floor. I'm hopeful that he was successful, but either way I have to admit that it was delicious!

Yesterday I received an email from Robby's teacher. During art class they were instructed to make a card for their Mom. Robby apparently spent much of the class carefully creating his masterpiece. When they were given colored pencils and told that they could write a message inside, my little guy became frantic. After asking to speak with his teacher privately he confided, "I don't know the words to write that will let my Momom know how special she is. What word is bigger than love because that is what I feel when I think about her."  Needless to say, I logged out of my email and wiped the tears from my eyes. I realize I am biased, but I do have a wonderful little boy.

Robby ran into my arms as soon as I arrived to pick him up. Unfortunately he was so happy to see me that he didn't take the time to wash the yellow paint from his hands. I now have two sunflower yellow hand prints on the back of what had been my favorite blue dress. He confided that his hands were covered with yellow because he had just finished painting the picture frame that he is making me for Mother's Day. (He then begged me not to tell anybody because it was a surprise.)

I'm looking forward to Sunday, not because I expect grandiose gifts but rather because Robby's enthusiasm is contagious. I hope that everybody has a wonderful weekend. I'll post a brief blog on Sunday after I enjoy my french toast and unwrap my picture frame.

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